Watch Out For Hazardous Microplastics In Cosmetics

By Anthony K

We live in an era of glam, fashion, and style. Nowadays, makeup has become so popular that it is no longer shocking to see an eight-year-old girl glammed up. It’s not just body image that is damaged by the use of these products. The sad truth is that these cosmetics and skincare products contain toxic microplastics that have the potential to damage the skin and have other effects on our bodies. No, we’re not talking about the chemicals used to make the products…

Sychov Serhii/Shutterstock

Have you heard of microbeads? They’re those little plastic particles found in a variety of beauty products. Chances are, if you use a facial cleanser with “scrubbing beads,” those little pellets are made from plastic. Plastic is cheap, so companies use non-eco-friendly materials to cut costs.

In a recent study done in Europe, 9 out of 10 products contain plastics capable of polluting the environment irreparably. Who would have thought that having that daily skincare routine would significantly harm the planet? After you wash off your makeup or use those shampoos, do you know where that water washes away?

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The most significant concern is that the amount of plastic litter in our marine environment may affect ecosystems and that microplastic particles that reach the ocean will be ingested by sea life. It is up to us to create healthy habits and substitute these products with those that are biodegradable.

As environmental organizations have fought to eliminate microplastics in cosmetic and personal care products, numerous countries have implemented regulations, and bans are in the works. Some cosmetics businesses have voluntarily stopped using microbeads, and some PCCP voluntary certifications forbid their use.

To check your products, visit for a breakdown of what products contain these harmful materials.