Transform Bottle Caps Into Unique Baskets

By Anthony K

Most people discard bottle tops after finishing the bottle’s contents. However, these often-overlooked components can help create something spectacular. The issue of whether bottle caps are recyclable remains open for debate. But, recyclable or not, it remains prudent to reuse something you already have, rather than spending money.

Image courtesy of Lovesome Diy/YouTube

For this procedure, you will need to collect dozens of bottle caps. You can use plastic, metal, or both. Try to find a mix of colors to give your project a unique layout. You’ll also need wire, hole punch, wire cutters, and pliers. Wear goggles for extra safety to ensure you protect your eyes.

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For metal caps, a hammer and nail are the perfect way to punch a hole. But if you want something a little more… secure, you can use wire wrapping around the bottle caps. Plastic bottle caps are easy to poke holes in using scissors or an awl. When adding holes, remember to ensure they are spaced out evenly. Continue the process with different caps.

Use a wire to knit through the punched holes. You can piece them together in any configuration you want. Just make sure that the caps are all tightly secured so that your basked doesn’t fall apart after a day. If you use metal, avoid getting it wet. Rust is extremely difficult to clean off a cap/wire lattice.

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Bottle cap baskets are a great way to work on your DIY skills while nurturing your upcycling instinct. With so many colors and designs, you can have a variety of different bottle cap baskets around your home without it feeling like a junkyard.