The Cheapest Route To 100% Renewable Energy

By Anthony K

The world is constantly seeking cost-effective solutions to energy and fuel costs and reduced dependence on oil and gas. Stanford University’s recent study claims that the move towards renewable energy sources may be easier than presumed.

Source: @zburival/Unsplash

The researchers examined 145 countries and stated that electrifying energy sectors and switching to clean energy might not lead to blackouts or a massive price hike. The study projects that prices would drop and upfront costs of switching to 100% renewable energy would be recovered in six years.

Professor Mark Z. Jacobson headed the Stanford University study. Jacobson is a long-time advocate for 100% renewable energy and has published a book on renewable energy. He strongly claims the world doesn’t need miracle technologies to solve energy problems as electrifying energy sectors would be cheaper, safer, and more reliable.

The shift towards electricity is important because combustion-based energy systems of most countries require lots of energy. Switching to clean and renewable energy would reduce worldwide energy consumption by 56%. The efficiency of clean energy over combustion systems and the efficiency of the electrified industry would reduce the need for fossil fuels.

Clean and renewable energy systems may also reduce the cost per energy unit by about 12% and annual energy costs by 63%. The health benefits of clean energy may also help consumers avoid various health conditions. Jacobson’s team recommended a 100% global move towards renewable energy by 2035 and by 2050.

Source: @mikebirdy/Pexels

Several countries are taking relevant measures toward clean and renewable energy. Iceland, Albania, and Paraguay are informing global change by operating on almost 100% electricity. Brazil gets about 80% electricity from renewable sources. More governments should take relevant measures for a smooth shift to renewable energy.