Simple Steps For Making DIY Confetti Poppers

By Anthony K

Are you planning your kid’s birthday party? Or, are you just looking for an excuse to have some fun? Whatever your reason, you should keep the environment in mind. Certain party activities can lead to a big mess you’re stuck cleaning up afterward.

Confetti poppers are impressive and colorful. Kids, and admittedly adults, too, tend to fall in love with them quite easily. Before you buy some at the store, consider the plastic mess it’ll leave. Even if you do it indoors, they’re still a hassle. Instead, try making your own! They’re cheaper and more eco-friendly than anything you can find at the store.

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Essential materials include ribbon, confetti (leaves or petals), fine crepe paper, scissors, toilet paper roll, and glue. Suppose you are wondering where you can find these materials, worry less. These components are present in online shops like eBay, Amazon, and other affiliates. With the necessary materials, making your custom confetti should be easy.

Begin by cutting fringe into crepe paper and trim it to reveal tiny little squares. When making the poppers, you will need to start by cutting the toilet paper roll halfway. Then, trim the crepe paper or tissue paper accordingly. Otherwise, tearing it will be quite hard if it is too thick. Tightly roll the paper around after placing shredded leaves or flower petals inside the roll.

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On your next task, trim any excess paper, and seal it with glue. Don’t forget to tie off the two open ends of the roll so that the “confetti” doesn’t fall out too soon.

As a bonus, you can even make eco-friendly glue! Rice glue (aka overcooked sushi rice) and flour glue (flour and water) are the two easiest and cheapest methods.

With these few steps, your confetti cracker is a done deal. You can proceed to make others by adding some creativity. Your end product should be impressive and attractive to look at.