Produce Scraps: Reduce Food Waste And Grow Plants

By Anthony K

The food cycle shouldn’t end at your table; you can use the leftovers to generate more food while also helping the planet. You won’t need extensive agricultural knowledge and skills to manage such a feat. This piece explores plants you can grow from table scraps with basic instructions you can abide by for higher success rates.

1. Sweet Potatoes

Slice your sweet potato in half and leave the pieces suspended above a water bowl to form roots and shoots within some days.

Photo Credits: @jorgeromeroortiz / Pexels

Remove the shoots and place them in another container of water to allow them to grow their roots. You can plant the sprouts in soil from the moment the roots are about 1-inch long.

2. Potatoes

Growing a brand-new potato from your table scraps is also an easy task when the chunk or peelings have ‘eyes.’ Identify potatoes with pimple-like brown bumps on the outside.

Photo Credits: @r-khalil-250162 / Pexels

Dry the peelings or chunks overnight in preparation for the replanting. Plant the potatoes four inches deep with the eyes facing up to get green sprouts above ground after some weeks.

3. Pineapple

Fruits like pineapples are full of the vitamins you need to keep a healthy body. Get the top chunk of your pineapple fruits without detaching the leaves, use toothpicks for effective suspension above water, and place in direct sunlight. Change the water daily until the roots form for easier placement in your potting soil.

4. Avocado

Clean the avocado pit and suspend the avocado seed over some inches of water, covering the seed’s bottom inch. Store the seed in a warm area away from direct sunlight.

Photo Credits: @matthias-oben-2060028 / Pexels

Shoots and roots emerge after about six weeks. You should trim the sprout to three inches and plant it in rich soil when leaves reappear. Harvesting may commence after nearly five years.