Package Free! Best Packaging Alternatives!

By Anthony K

Every day, there are millions of purchases made online. When they’re shipped out, more than fifty percent of those purchases are packaged in plastic. The sad part is, that most of that plastic ends up in the dumps, or worse, the seas. But what can we do? Companies don’t have an incentive to use a different material.

If you can’t shop in person, it may seem hopeless. But the good news is that people are joining hands to develop eco-friendly packaging that will reduce our carbon footprint. Companies like Package Free Shop offer the most environmentally friendly versions of things you use regularly. Reusable bags, to-go ware, even soaps, and dish brushes are available. The best part? Their items come in minimum packaging, none of which is plastic, removing single-use plastic from your daily life.

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At Package Free Shop, they ship without using any plastic. Every item they sell is designed or curated to promote daily changes. They ensure individual waste is minimized, single-use plastics are eliminated, and aid in keeping the environment safe. They even include end-of-life instructions for all of their products. If it’s compostable, they’ll let you know.

Striving for a zero-waste lifestyle should be something every individual strives for. By coming up with healthy habits and protecting the environment, we protect ourselves. Package Free Shop is just one company that works towards having a future world that is free of unnecessary plastics both on land and at sea.