From Wheelbarrows To Hats: 35+ Clever And Unusual Ways Thais Carry Their Purchases

By Aileen Dometita

Have you noticed how our shopping habits are evolving to embrace change and make a positive impact on our lives? It’s incredible to witness how advocating for the use of less plastic is catching on. As more and more people ditch this practice in favor of better options, we’re witnessing a major shift in consumer behavior.

It’s no longer just a trend but a conscious decision to improve our lives. And today, we have compiled a fun article about how citizens of Thailand have changed their shopping habits toward this cause. From wheelbarrows to buckets, you’ll be surprised, if not impressed, by their creativity!

So, the next time you’re at the checkout counter, proudly whip out your shopping bag and join the movement that’s transforming the way we shop, one step at a time!

Why Hadn’t We Thought of This Sooner

Isn’t it curious how sometimes the simplest solutions are right under our noses? For example, think of the concept of using recyclable bags for shopping. It’s like we had this super simple solution right in front of us, but it took us a while to really see its potential.

Image courtesy of rovmaira/Facebook

But now that we know, we are happy to see people use bags like these to carry their shopping. Plus, look at the size of that thing! You could fit five air fryers in there (not that you’d need to). The point is you can fit so much in one bag, which means convenience.

Positive Influence

You won’t believe the buzz around reusable bags these days! The public hype for this trend has been a game-changer, propelling Thailand towards embracing positive change. It’s like a wildfire of awareness, spreading the message of sustainability far and wide.

Image courtesy of rovmaira/Facebook

From social media influencers sharing tips to local businesses proudly offering discounts for using them, everyone is on board! The collective effort to reduce waste has become a movement, empowering individuals to make a tangible difference. Honestly, we love to see it.

Canvas of Creativity

Oh, it’s incredible how people can turn anything into a canvas of creativity! Instead of carrying bland bags, some have become master innovators, making them into stunning works of art. From DIY tote bag projects to fashionable upcycled accessories, the possibilities seem endless.

Image courtesy of rovmaira/ Facebook

And when you find yourself at the store without a bag to carry your purchase, you can fashion a nifty way to transport whatever you’ve bought. Check out this crafty creation that enabled the customer to carry their item conveniently, even without a bag.

Just Like They Did in the Old Times

Now, here’s a nifty trick that takes us back in time! Just like in the good old days, when resourcefulness ruled, you can now use a woven hat as a trusty basket! Imagine walking into the store for an impromptu snack run and finding out that there are no bags.

Image courtesy of rovmaira/ Facebook

If you are wearing a hat, take it off, and you have yourself a unique and stylish bag! It’s like bringing a touch of vintage charm to your daily routine! From picnics to farmers’ market hauls, this creative twist elevates your fashion game and makes sustainability look oh-so-cool.

Juggling Many Bags?

Let’s talk about the age-old frustration of carrying numerous small bags during grocery shopping! You know the struggle – juggling multiple little bags, trying to keep everything organized, and still ending up with things spilling all over the place. But fear not!

Image courtesy of rovmaira/ Facebook

There’s a simple yet genius solution: the trusty sugar sack! It’s like the unsung hero of grocery shoppers. With its spacious interior, sturdy build, and no-fuss design, it’s the perfect companion for all your shopping needs. Just toss everything in, and voilà – problem solved!

Water and Liquor

Who knew a simple water bucket could become a shopping superhero? You’re out shopping, and you realize you forgot your bag. Panic starts to set in, but luckily, you spot a handy water bucket nearby. With a stroke of brilliance, you decide to repurpose it.

Image courtesy of rovmaira/ Facebook

It’s surprisingly spacious, durable, and, best of all, you’re giving it a second life! From groceries to goodies, this makeshift bag will save the day. Plus, it’s a conversation starter as people marvel at your ingenuity. So, cheers to thinking outside the box, or in this case, inside the bucket!


This genius man strolled into the store with a laundry basket, and guess what? He used it to carry his groceries! It’s a grocery shopping hack we never knew we needed! With its ample space and sturdy handles, the laundry basket turned into the ultimate shopping companion.

Image courtesy of rovmaira/ Facebook

He effortlessly loaded it up with items, and it looked like he had a blast organizing his haul. Once he’d filled that thing up, he knew it was time to head to the counters. Judging by the items we have seen Thais use to carry stuff so far, we bet no one batted an eyelash.

Nifty Organizer

Allow us to share about our latest shopping obsession – mesh bags! These little wonders have completely changed our grocery game. With their see-through design, we can easily organize and spot items without any hassle. They’re like tiny organizers for produce, keeping everything neat and tidy.

Image courtesy of rovmaira/ Facebook

Plus, they’re lightweight and super easy to carry, saving our arms from the dreaded fatigue and strain of carrying heavy bags. And the best part? They are reusable! And with a version like the one pictured here, you can easily throw it across your body and do something else.

Also Good for Creams

Here’s a fun and unexpected grocery-shopping hack! Forget the traditional basket and say hello to the wine jug! With this, you’re turning your vino container into a multi-purpose carrier. Thanks to its wide mouth and sturdy build, the wine jug is perfect for carrying produce, bread, and more.

Image courtesy of rovmaira/ Facebook

It’s a conversation starter, too, as people will certainly give you that curious glance. So, next time you find yourself without a bag in Thailand, show off your savvy shopping style with a trusty wine jug in hand. People won’t know what you’ve added to your cart!

Following Suit

You won’t believe the resourceful sight someone witnessed at a store in Thailand! A clever store clerk came armed with a big sack backpack to refill items on the shelves. It is like a superhero utility belt but in shoulderbag form. All he has to do is drag that thing across the floor.

Image courtesy of rovmaira/ Facebook

With effortless grace, they reached into the sack and replenished the shelves like a seasoned pro. This was both practical and efficient and made the restocking process look like a breeze. Gone are the days of multiple trips back and forth.

From Shelves to Picnic Tables

Let’s talk about the brilliance of using picnic baskets for a soda haul! It’s like a match made in convenience heaven. You know those times when you’re hosting a party or a picnic, and you need to carry numerous bottles of soda? Enter the trusty picnic basket!

Image courtesy of rovmaira/ Facebook

It’s the ultimate soda carrier. Just pack those bottles strategically, and you’re good to go. No more struggling with flimsy bags or multiple trays – the picnic basket has got you covered. Plus, it adds a touch of vintage charm to your errand run!

Heavy Items?

Buckets are the unsung heroes of heavy lifting. At least based on this article! When it comes to carrying bulky items like liquor bottles or a fresh catch of fish, buckets are a game-changer. Their sturdy build and wide mouth make them perfect for transporting those weighty goodies without a hitch.

Image courtesy of rovmaira/ Facebook

It’s like having your personal muscle on hand! Plus, their handles provide a secure grip, making those trips from the market or the fishing pier a breeze. No more struggling with flimsy bags or risking spills – buckets have got your back!

In On It Too

Talk about a win-win situation! Companies are getting on board with plastic reduction, encouraging customers to bring their own shopping bags by offering some sweet incentives. From rebates to shopping points, who wouldn’t want to switch to using rattan-woven bags?

Image courtesy of rovmaira/Facebook

They reward you with points or discounts as a thank-you. As we have seen so far, in Thailand, a shopping bag could be as something as small as a hat or something as huge as this woven basket! So, there’s no excuse for not joining in on this creative ride!

Hate the Color

Oh, the woes of a shabby shopping bag! As we watched this shopaholic search through her bag collection, we could see the disappointment in her eyes. “If only it were hot pink,” she sighed. She yearned for a vibrant, stylish color for her shopping adventures.

Image courtesy of rovmaira/ Facebook

But hey, don’t we all want a touch of sassiness as we run our errands? Imagine strutting around with a hot pink recyclable bag – you would be the envy of the town! So, here’s to finding that perfect recyclable bag that matches your personality.

Nifty Organizer

Bravo to this shopping genius who was spotted at a random store! This man was snapped rocking a multi-level mesh bag, and people couldn’t help but agree that it was pure brilliance! He stacked his goodies on different levels like a shopping pro, efficiently organizing his haul without a fuss.

Image courtesy of rovmaira/ Facebook

Not only was it practical, but he also mentioned how budget-friendly it was – a true win-win! Who knew a simple mesh bag could revolutionize shopping? So, hats off to this savvy shopper for proving that sometimes cheap can also be oh-so-smart!

The Dream

Wouldn’t this be a dream? Imagine strolling down the supermarket aisle and finding fabric conditioners sold per liter, ready to be poured into our own trusty bucket! It’s like a wish come true for those of us who love buying in bulk.

Image courtesy of rovmaira/ Facebook

Just imagine the convenience – no more small plastic containers cluttering your home. We could simply refill our buckets whenever needed, reducing waste and saving money in the process. It’s the kind of shopping revolution we all secretly wish for.

What About Hard Hats?

Hold onto your handlebars, folks – the ultimate male shopper has a failsafe trick up his sleeve! This man strode into the store, motorcycle helmet in hand, ready to conquer his grocery haul. And surprise, surprise – that helmet isn’t just for riding.

Image courtesy of rovmaira/ Facebook

He’s like the James Bond of shopping, with a secret weapon for carrying his goodies. With a quick flip of the visor, he loads up his helmet with groceries and rides off into the sunset, proving that being resourceful is the key to a suave shopping adventure.

Sew Your Own

You know that struggle when you’re craving your favorite coffee, but carrying it in your hand is a scorching endeavor you’re not sure you want to engage in? Fear not, friends, because we’ve got a genius solution! Why not sew your own coffee cup holder? It’s like a little cozy home for your precious brew.

Image courtesy of rovmaira/ Facebook

With some fabric, needle, and thread, you can craft a stylish and functional holder that’ll keep your hands cool and your coffee hot. Plus, you’ll add a personal touch to your daily caffeine fix! So, the next time you are looking for a fun sewing project, try a hand-sewn coffee cup holder.

Thai Ingenuity

You have got to love the ingenuity in Thailand! This rice basket serves double duty as a bag holder for selling rice products. With the rich tradition of rice in the country, repurposing these baskets is a stroke of brilliance.

Image courtesy of rovmaira/ Facebook

Customers can shop for their needs while the basket they came with becomes a convenient bag holder for their purchases. It’s eco-friendly, efficient, and oh-so-clever. This creative approach not only honors their cultural heritage but also showcases how everyday items can find new life.

From Store to Stove

Oh, the struggle of carrying heavy soda bottles in bulk – it’s like an arm workout you didn’t sign up for! But fear not. Grab a metal wok, yes, a wok, and place those soda bottles in it. It’s like a magic potion for easy transportation!

Image courtesy of rovmaira/ Facebook

No more strained arms or awkwardly juggling bottles. Just load up the wok and carry it home like a shopping champion. It’s a kitchen-to-grocery transformation you’ll never forget! Just remember to store your soda bottles in the fridge, not on the stove!

Without Breaking Your Back

Listen up, smart shoppers! Want to shop like a boss without breaking your back? Here’s a game-changing tip – bring a trusty suitcase along with you on your grocery run! Everyone will wonder why they hadn’t come up with this genius idea themselves.

Image courtesy of rovmaira/ Facebook

Load it up with your groceries, stack ’em like a pro, and voilà – you’re ready to roll! With their sturdy build and smooth wheels, these bad boys make the trek home a breeze. Just pull your luggage along like a grocery guru and arrive home feeling like a champ!

Much More than This

Who knew our laundry basket had a secret double life? It’s not just for dirty clothes anymore – it’s the ultimate multitasker! This woman stashed her favorite snacks and Tetra packs in her laundry basket, turning it into her snack treasure trove!

Image courtesy of rovmaira/ Facebook

It’s perfect for carrying goodies, from chips to juice boxes. No more rummaging through cabinets for snacks because this laundry basket’s got your back! It’s a kitchen savior and a laundry superhero all in one. Plus, you can easily clean up spills without having to wait for this thing to dry under the sun.

Quick Clean-up

Ever thought of using your bike basket as a grocery bag? It’s like shopping with style and convenience all in one! Simply load up your goodies at the store, and place them inside this unique storage item, and you are good to go.

Image courtesy of rovmaira/ Facebook

Also, there’s no need to transfer items from bags to the basket once you get to your trusty ride. Simply fix it back on the and voilà! So, next time you have to rush to the store abruptly, remember your bike basket can be used as a convenient way to carry a few snacks.

Arm Day

Forget the suitcase; this guy went big with a wheelbarrow! It’s like a shopping spree meets a workout session. Load that wheelbarrow with your groceries, and you’re ready to roll! People will stare in awe as you strut down the street with your haul.

Image courtesy of rovmaira/ Facebook

No more worrying about heavy loads. Just push and steer like a shopping champion. So long as you have good balance, you’ll be the talk of town. Who needs a huge cumbersome bag when you can be the wheelbarrow-wielding grocery guru?


Who needs rice in rice sacks when you can haul essential groceries instead? Think of yourself strolling into the store, confidently grabbing those supplies and placing them in your trusty rice sack. It’s like turning your rice sack into a snacky treasure chest!

Image courtesy of rovmaira/ Facebook

The rice sack’s sturdy build and convenient handle make it the perfect carrier. Just imagine the surprised glances as you march out of the store with your huge bounty. Plus, it offers lots of privacy, so no one will know what you bought!

Rice Sieve Doubles As …

Seeing as we are talking about Thailand, we are going to mention rice, rice sacks, rice baskets, and rice sieves severally. Next up, we have a rice sieve that doubles as a grocery bag! This guy decided that it was the perfect place to stuff his snacks, and we can’t disagree.

Image courtesy of rovmaira/ Facebook

No more juggling bags or flimsy containers. The rice sieve-turned-grocery bag is a unique game-changer, and people could not help but eye it with amazement. It is eco-friendly and oh-so-functional, adding a touch of Thailand’s resourcefulness to your shopping adventure.

The Pros of Using Rattan

Allow us to tell you about the beauty of rattan – nature’s gift for baskets! Rattan, a type of climbing palm, is a superstar material that brings elegance and practicality to our lives. Its flexible yet sturdy nature makes it perfect for weaving into intricate patterns, creating stunning, eye-catching designs.

Image courtesy of rovmaira/ Facebook

Not only is it durable, but it’s also eco-friendly, as it grows quickly and sustainably. So, whether you are shopping for groceries or decorating your home, embrace the beauty of rattan – the natural wonder that weaves style and function seamlessly!

DIY Bodybag

Here is a grocery shopping hack that will blow your mind! Grab a long cloth, tie it on both ends of your basket handle, and voilà – you’ve got yourself a body bag! It is a hands-free shopping dream come true!

Image courtesy of rovmaira/ Facebook

With the cloth slung over your shoulder, the basket stays securely by your side, leaving your hands free to explore the aisles. Load it up with your groceries, and you’re good to go, like a shopping ninja! We bet other shoppers will be eyeing you as they plan to do the same the next time!


Carton boxes are failsafe carriers that never disappoint. Grab one of the ones you have at home, and you’ve got yourself the perfect grocery bag. It’s like having mini grocery carts right in your hands! With their reliable build, they keep everything intact, from fragile items to heavy produce.

Image courtesy of rovmaira/ Facebook

No more worrying about flimsy bags tearing apart. Plus, they’re stackable, making storage a breeze once you’re home. Additionally, you can use them repeatedly, which reduces waste. Once again, the Thais prove that better options are always available if you’re open-minded.

Arms Full

Even the younger generation is jumping on the rattan bag trend, using them as shopping bags. From preschoolers to tweens, they are embracing the idea of reusing with enthusiasm. It’s heartwarming to see them learning about sustainability from an early age.

Image courtesy of rovmaira/ Facebook

Check out this adorable little shopper, for example. She has the cutest little basket to carry her favorite snacks, and we’re all here for it! Judging by the packaging, we would say that it’s a tasty bag of chips, and, as fellow snack enthusiasts, we fully approve!

Off to the Market

Hold onto your hats, folks – someone witnessed a hilarious spectacle at the market! Here’s a man trying to shop incognito in a ginormous rattan bag that could fit a fully-grown human inside! It was like he’d turned himself into a walking, talking shopping cart.

Image courtesy of rovmaira/ Facebook

He tried, but he couldn’t help but bump into things, causing a ruckus that got everyone’s attention. It was like a scene straight out of a comedy movie! But kudos to his creativity. We are really curious to find out what exactly he bought to fit in there.

Bag and Bin

Listen up, savvy shoppers! Here’s a game-changing tip for your grocery adventures – storage boxes! Not only are they perfect for organizing your groceries, but they also double up as nifty food storage containers. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone!

Image courtesy of rovmaira/ Facebook

Load those boxes with fresh produce, deli goodies, and even snacks. And when you’re done munching, guess what? They can become your trusty trash containers too! Simply toss, wash, and let dry. Once it’s clean and dry, take it on another grocery run!

Mad Dash Home

You’re at the mart, armed with a charming rattan bag, and ready to slay your grocery shopping errand. But here’s the twist: you’re not just carrying it around; you’re taking it on a cart adventure! So, you secure the rattan bag on your cart and head out.

Image courtesy of rovmaira/Facebook

It’s like a rustic grocery chariot! Riding home with the sun on your face and groceries in tow is an experience that is both practical and delightful. Just ask this guy! You can’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction.

Store in Crates

Here is another handy grocery shopping secret – plastic crates! Just toss your groceries in, and these items become your trusty transporters. With their durable build and easy-to-carry handles, they make lugging those goodies a breeze. That said, they can easily hurt your back.

Image courtesy of rovmaira/ Facebook

So it’s best to pack lightweight items on these things. Once you do, they transform into storage superheroes! You can tuck them away neatly, stacking one atop the other, saving valuable space. Plus, there’s no need to unpack from a paper bag. Just store the crates away once everything’s organized.

Keeping Chips Intact

You should have seen it – a woman walking down the snack aisle with a bucket full of chips! She took snacking to a whole new level of convenience. With her trusty bucket in hand, she packed it to the brim with all her favorite chips.

Image courtesy of rovmaira/ Facebook

No need for multiple bags or worrying about crushing those crispy treats. The bucket had her back, keeping everything safe and sound. It was a sight to behold – a snacking enthusiast embracing the ultimate chip-carrying solution. Hats off to her ingenious shopping idea!

Check In Please

Up next, we have another brilliant shopper who chose a suitcase for his grocery run! With their smooth wheels and sturdy handles, these bags turn shopping into a breeze. No more struggling with heavy bags – just pull them along like a seasoned globetrotter!

Image courtesy of rovmaira/ Facebook

It’s like bringing a taste of travel to your everyday errands. Load up your groceries, and off you go, gliding through the aisles with ease. Just don’t forget to pay for them at the counter lest you are mistakenly labeled a thief!

Farm Produce, Please

As we mentioned, the Thai love rice, so we have yet another rice sack entry. These humble sacks are a game-changer for all your shopping needs. With their sturdy build and generous size, they’re convenience like you’ve never seen. The best part? You can haul them over your shoulder like a pro!

Image courtesy of rovmaira/ Facebook

It’s like having your personalized grocery carry-all that’s hassle-free. From fresh produce to pantry essentials, there’s nothing that won’t fit in the rice sack. Plus, it enables you to reuse something that would have otherwise been used for agriculture only.

All Its Glory

Who needs a basket when you’ve got a trusty shirt on hand? It’s perfect for when you have no bag in hand. Simply gather the edges of your shirt, and voilà – it transforms into an ingenious makeshift basket. It’s a shopping buddy right on your body!

Image courtesy of rovmaira/ Facebook

Load it up with your produce, snacks, and whatever you need, and you’re ready to conquer the store. That said, it’s better to have something worn underneath so you wouldn’t have to bare your skin. But hey, that’s just us. You do you.

Never Gets Old

Hey, here’s a quirky hack for you! Ever been in a pinch at the grocery store, and you didn’t have a basket? Fear not, because your hoodie’s got your back! Yep, you read that right – just gather the edges of your hoodie, and voila! It transforms into an impromptu bag.

Image courtesy of rovmaira/ Facebook

It’s like having a secret shopping tool right on your back. Load it up with your purchases, and you’re good to go! Not only is it handy, but it also adds a touch of fun to your shopping adventures. So, the next time you’re caught without a basket, remember you can hoodie-haul your way through!

Wet Items

Using buckets for wet items like fish and ice is pure genius! If you’re at the fish market or a beach picnic, you’ll need a reliable way to keep those wet goodies fresh. Enter the trusty bucket! It’s the superhero of cool storage.

Image courtesy of rovmaira/ Facebook

The waterproof design ensures no leaks or mess, and the sturdy build keeps everything intact. Plus, the handle makes it easy to carry without straining your back. No more soggy bags or melted ice disasters! Buckets save the day and keep your wet items in perfect condition.