Metalworker Uses Scrap Metal To Create Artistic Masterpieces

By Anthony K

Brian Mock is a unique sculptor, creating unique artwork from 100% reclaimed materials since 1997. He uses waste materials to produce unique sculptures of animals, robots, cars, and actual people in life-size. Here are five unique sculptures by Brian Mock.

1. Ever Punctual

Cockerels are perfect timekeepers that may serve as better alarms for early risers. They crow from around 5 am, after which they continue crowing at regular intervals throughout the day. Brian Mock gives this cockerel more life and a chance to crow forever.

Photo Credits: Brian Mock/ Instagram

2. Perfect Table for Sea Food

Does your table determine your food’s quality? We believe each person will have a different idea about this as some houses don’t have proper “tables,” but still take meals successfully. Brian Mock gives the octopus’ tentacles a better job of holding the glass to create a sturdy table.

Photo Credits: Brian Mock/ Instagram

3. All Hail the Rock Queen

Rock music has loyal fans around the globe. Brian Mock created a special token in the form of a life-sized Rock Queen for rock music lovers and shipped her to Hotel Ziggy to make new friends. He expected fans to take pictures with the queen.

Photo Credits: Brian Mock/ Instagram

4. All Terrain Boots

How rich is your shoe game? Brian Mock takes the shoe game to the next level by presenting a masterpiece that can survive harsh conditions. We want the shoe but are worried it’s only available in a single size, probably Brian Mock’s perfect fit.

Photo Credits: Brian Mock/ Instagram

5. Mr. FishBone

When eating fish, do you leave the bones scattered or intact? Brian Mock changes our perspective by presenting the perfect skeleton of a fish. We believe it takes lots of skill and precision to eat fish without breaking the bones apart unless it’s gigantic.

Photo Credits: Brian Mock/ Instagram