Long-Lasting Fabrics: Tips To Buy And Maintain These Fabrics

By Anthony K

Shopping for clothes is an overwhelming experience as you seek the perfect size, trends, and material quality while staying within your budget. Finding high-quality, long-lasting fabrics is an important part of sustainable shopping amid the temptation of clothes with tags claiming to meet your requirements.

Image courtesy of @beccamchaffie/Unsplash

When you’re out looking for long-lasting fabrics, you should seek high-quality, understanding fabrics. Professor Huantian Cao claims that each consumer may have a different definition of high quality while maintaining that prices aren’t an automatic reflection of quality. One may prefer the fabric’s durability, while others prefer organic fabric free of chemicals and pesticides.

Professor Cao claims that thread count is an indicator of high-quality fabric as it guarantees durability for the dense piece of cloth. Synthetic fibers are quite dangerous as they may release microplastics but aren’t guaranteed to last longer than natural fibers increasing pesticide use. Consider the building fabric’s environmental friendliness and quality.

You should also take relevant measures to keep your fabric in perfect shape for much longer. Meg Stively claims that mending and taking care of your clothes reduces their chances of landing in the landfill. Mending woven fabrics is a simpler exercise for seasoned and newbies. Creativity in your mending can give your clothes a new look, considering fashion trends.

You may also practice sustainable shopping through second-hand clothes for customization based on your preferences. The dated and damaged pieces can get more life and save you from buying new fabric products. Shopping for second-hand clothes requires knowledge of different fabrics to know how they behave and feel.

Image courtesy of @cottonbro/Pexels

Cao and Stively recommend reducing consumption to maximize sustainability by getting high-quality fabrics or mending the damaged ones.