Little-Known Tips For Making Stylish Bags

By Anthony K

Did you know those candy wrappers have more than one use? That’s right, they do more than keep your chocolate from melting into your pocket. They can also be sued for making woven bags that are both stylish and creative. If you consider making a gorgeous fashion statement using available materials, refer to the styles below to ensure your design stands out from the rest.

Image courtesy of doodlecraft/

The first step involves collecting candy wrapper bags over some time. You should include different designs and diverse types that will add some vibrance to your bags. In addition, you will need a fishing line, webbing straps, a rigid plastic card, and a sewing machine.

You can begin by cutting the bags in similar measurements. Fold in halves all the way to ensure precision. By folding appropriately, your pieces will be easy to attach without using tape or glue. The next step involves repeating the process over and over.

Image courtesy of doodlecraft/

Then, you will need to loop and hook while being somewhat cautious. Although it appears to be the most challenging part, it is achievable by sliding them in to create impeccable loops. You can use a store membership card for needling during hand sewing. Thread the fishing line through links to hold everything together.

Image courtesy of doodlecraft/

Continue this process by adding more fishing lines and sewing again and again. Feel free to introduce some tweaks that unleash your creativity. With these few tips, you can proceed to make impressive masterpieces that are a marvel to gift someone special.