Landfill Harmonic: Meet The Community That Turned Garbage Into One-Of-A-Kind Instruments

By Anthony K

You must have seen this spectacular show trending on YouTube. This video portrays a looming documentary named Landfill Harmonic. The trailer elucidates one outstanding band from Paraguay. Perhaps you wonder what makes the group special? What seems to inspire many people is that this orchestra’s instruments are made by the community using literal trash.

Image courtesy of LandfillHarmonic/YouTube

All these talented musicians hail from Cateura, a community built on a landfill. The residents thrive by separating trash for recycling. Reliable sources reveal that the area receives significant tons of solid waste daily. Owing to the alarming illiteracy levels, the kids within the region often collect and resell the garbage.

Moreover, water and sanitation are wanting, with rainy seasons characterized by flooding and unclean water. A single musical instrument is more expensive than some houses in this area. However, despite all these challenges, these artists have come up with something inspirational and unique. A section of the residents considers music to be healing. Their livelihoods are changed for the better, all thanks to their craft.

Image courtesy of LandfillHarmonic/YouTube

While you may think your trash is useless, it can be handy in the hands of an expert. Music is a universal language and it speaks to a lot of people. Sadly, few people know what transpires before the music drops on the market. If only more people understood the ingenuity behind most of the things we take for granted daily, our lives would be simpler. Regardless of the materials used to create an instrument, we all sure do appreciate the might of good content when it comes to music.