Kenyan Woman Is Making Tough Bricks By Recycling Plastic Waste

By Anthony K

A bright young lady from Kenya has gained recognition by thinking outside the box. Nzambi Matee’s company produces bricks out of recycled plastic. This innovative woman attributes her excellence to her contentment in being on the sidelines while public servants lose the war against plastic waste in Nairobi. Hence, the engineer devised a product that’s almost seven times stronger than concrete.

Image courtesy of UN Environment Programme/YouTube

Her company, Gjenge Makers, transforms plastic trash into long-lasting building materials. In addition, Matee created the machines that generate these bricks in her factory. Most people find it hard to accept that you can use a different material from concrete to build walls. Well, there you have it. Plastic waste can make your walls up to seven times stronger.

Gjenge Makers acquire plastic trash of different qualities from local packaging firms for free. After heating the plastic polymer and mixing it with sand, Gjenge Makers create several distinct paving stones. Whereas these wastes are useless to these companies, Matee has found a better application. The end product is a line of multipurpose building components pressed to different thicknesses via a hydraulic machine. Should you want to use these materials for your construction, it will cost you seven dollars on average per square meter.

Image courtesy of UN Environment Programme/YouTube

To this date, Gjenge Makers has over one hundred employees and further creates almost 1,500 bricks each day. In a recent interview, she told experts that they have since recycled about twenty metric tons of plastic waste since the company’s inception in 2018. She desires to introduce a much bigger manufacturing line capable of tripling her production capacity to meet the ever-growing demand.