Plant Parenthood: 35+ Hilarious Memes For Plant Lovers

By Satarupa D

Plants and trees are an essential part of mother nature. The world would be pretty empty if it didn’t have all the greenery and foliage we see. Plus, how else would we get the fresh air we enjoy and most of the food we eat?

But sometimes, plant lovers take their fascination with plants a little too far, which leads to some comical memes that can be enjoyed by the rest of the world. Even though you are not a green thumb, these memes will undoubtedly tickle your funny bone.

These people love their plants so much that they might mean more to them than most people in their lives. So, without further ado, here are funny posts that hilariously showcase the extent of adoration and affection people have for their plants.

1. Guilty As Charged

Everyone who has a problem with impulse buying has promised themselves once or twice that they wouldn’t spend more than required on something they love. Since they often buy these things in bulk, they try to keep themselves from buying more of them.

Image courtesy of

But alas, most of them fail. This is one example of such a victim who has just bought plants even though they probably have a forest in their house! Well, this is definitely us with sweet and savory snacks, so we will try not to judge too much.

2. Fit For Broadway.

There are some high-maintenance people out there who would lose their cool if their friends forgot to give them the appropriate amount of love that they think they deserve. Well, the plant in this meme is the same as well.

Image courtesy of chryred/Reddit

This plant is so high maintenance that it literally shriveled up when it wasn’t watered for a day. But the owner knows its dramatic baby very well and probably waters it every day. The plant wouldn’t be this healthy otherwise.

3. A Happy Abduction!

Now, this memer is funny, but at the same time, they are giving away all the secrets! They have established the fact that, like most people, plant lovers are cautious against strangers. But there is one thing they can’t resist.

Image courtesy of CleverUsername9999/Imgur

Apparently, the only van a plant-lover would get into is one that is beautifully decorated by beautiful lighting and gorgeous plants. This certainly is a sight to see. Hang some fairy lights and put a few chairs inside, et voila! A successful abduction!

4. Word Spell-Check!

Time for a bad pun! Some people love their plants so much that even their normal vocabulary starts getting mixed up with plant terminologies. Well, this meme is just for them in case they ever decide to start speaking ‘plant’ fully!

Image courtesy of fat_pig_farms/Instagram

This happy farmer has replaced the word ‘time’ with ‘thyme.’ And for every herb user out there, this might be the perfect meme since it pays homage to the ingredient they love the most. If we’re not careful, these guys could release a whole dictionary of this strange yet fun new language!

5. Plant Suremacy!

Everyone has probably heard of the inaccurate stereotype about older unmarried women ending up with ten cats to keep them company in their later years. To that, we say cats are fun, and we certainly love having them around. But this memer has a better suggestion for some people.

Image courtesy of PricklyPlantsetc/Twitter

This meme hilariously shows a young woman teaching a few plants some things in her book. Although the plants are obviously not moving, it does look like they are paying a lot of attention to her! If you are not really a cat person, maybe you should try plants!

6. Woof, There Goes A Plant!

It is general knowledge that plants and animals don’t often get along. One of the best examples of this is the familiar scene of dogs running around in a garden looking for a lost bone they just can’t find. Or a rabbit that got away.

Image courtesy of deathtoboredome

This meme has perfectly summed up the sequence of events that happen when a plant-lover decides to plant a new tree or shrub in their backyard. The moment that new soil is turned over, you can practically hear the pitter-patter of your house pet going to dig the ground up!

7. Here Comes Fake Spring!

Snow might look all beautiful and white, but for a plant lover, the winter season might be the worst time of the year since it often means they won’t be able to see their lovely plants and flowers blooming in their backyard. But this meme offers a solution.

Image courtesy of Snowzilla/Twitter

This particular plant lover was missing the spring season so much that he decided to draw numerous colorful tulips on the snow. Although they are not the real thing, the tulips do look cute and really liven the road up!

8. Let’s Take It To Social Media!

What happens when one’s gardening skills make their way to social media? What happens when someone dreams of being a gardening influencer? Well, you just need your gardening supplies, a good camera, and according to this meme, some killer poses!

Image courtesy of DumpsterKoala/Imgur

This post perfectly shows how one is supposed to tend to their garden when creating fun content for their Instagram followers. If you want to keep them coming, make sure to put a little oomph in your posture! Ready, set, click!

9. Read My Board!

Looks like this person just can’t control their excitement since they want the whole world to know that spring has arrived. So, to ensure everyone got the message, they enlisted the help of a couple of cute English pun words!

Image courtesy of mpbachmeier/twitter

This has to be one of the funniest signs we have ever seen in anyone’s yard. Something tells us that whoever this person is, they are very friendly and funny. For those of you who have a board like this, you know what to do next spring!

10. Change of Heart!

Many people live their lives scared of something when they are little but later find out that they don’t really fear it that much. That’s the premise of our next meme. It shows how someone who previously didn’t like bees has now grown to find them adorable.

Image courtesy of tracy-sellars 66/Instagram

This meme shows that nature is so beautiful that those who love it end up appreciating everything that exists around them, including bees. So, if you dislike bees, try watching them interact with flowers. We have a nagging suspicion that it’ll melt your heart.

11. The Thief In Me.

There have been times when we have seen a beautiful tree in public and felt a strong urge to steal a branch and plant it in our backyard just so that we could enjoy a part of that tree as well. But rest assured, we’ve never given in to these impulses.

Image courtesy of r/trees/Reddit

That said, this meme shows the exact feeling we wrestle with whenever these situations present themselves. Also, can we talk about how ‘memeable’ Baby Yoda is? He just gets it! Next time we get that urge, we’ll try and think of this and laugh instead.

12. Make Me Your Accessory!

Some people love their plants so much that they wouldn’t hesitate to wear accessories made out of them. This meme perfectly sums up how happy some people would be if they could carry their plants around every day with them!

Image courtesy of Hendy/TheChive

This meme comically shows a woman wearing a houseplant as an earring. Although it was meant to be funny, the earring does look kinda cute. Or maybe everyone in this world has a touch of plant-lover in them as well.

13. Overdoing It A Little.

There are some human beings in the world who don’t know when to stop when it comes to shopping for things they adore. And when it comes to plants, plant lovers with these tendencies have absolutely no control, and within a short time, their houses turn into a forest.

Image courtesy of ScandinavianClown/Imgur

This person basically bought all the plants they fell in love with at the plant shop and probably picked a few more on their way home. This can’t even be considered a balcony anymore. It’s well on its way to being the Amazon!

14. Mowing All The Way!

Mowing the front yard is basically the weekend duty of every American out there. Though some people may consider it the job of a gardener, most homeowners can’t afford to have one, so they have to do the tiresome job themselves.

Image courtesy of jifjaw2/9GaG

That said, there’s a right way to do it. What this person did wrong was mowing their lawn while wearing shorts and Crocs. Thus, nature decided to fight back, as seen in the picture. The grass on his legs makes him look like a swamp monster!

15. The Age of the Lawnmower!

And here comes round two of the attack of the lawnmower. After the previous slide, where the machine went a little too far by spraying its owner with all the chopped-off grass from the lawn, it seems the machine has decided to strike again.

Image courtesy of Jon/DumpADay

This lawnmower has completely given up on its owner and decided to go on its merry way. Now, from the picture, whether the mower has attacked the owner and won or simply escaped when the owner was asleep is still unclear.

16. Guess Who’s Back Again!

The bad word jokes are back. And yes, their guests are still here as well. The plants are still the main focus seeing as this is a post about garden memes. And it’s a classic kind of joke where someone asks a question and answers it in a hilarious way.

Image courtesy of

Here, the memer asks what a person might do with a garden sprinkler. The meme gets pretty funny when it says, ‘You Spinach,’ which might roughly mean, ‘You Spin It.’ The person who wrote it is surely a certified goof!

17. Me Is Useful!

We have already featured a post where the meme, very rightfully so, addresses how some animals (especially dogs) actually ruin gardens looking for their beloved missing things. But our next one is supposed to reassure you that not all animals are bad.

Image courtesy of SamirMazrahi/Buzzfeed

This adorable cat is sitting on top of freshly dug soil and loving it. The cat probably thinks that is the biggest litter box it has ever seen! To maintain its position in its owner’s good graces, it says it is helping them fertilize the soil.

18. Another Helper for the Master!

And here is another cat who is seemingly helping his master. At least, one would think so. The owner has dug up soil and covered it with a tarp to protect it from insects and such. But he probably didn’t notice a cheeky little munchkin hiding beneath!

Image courtesy of prakashcs1/imgur

This adorable tabby cat was hiding beneath the tarp, and after everything was well and done, he decided to inform the world of his new residence! The adorable head peeking out of the tarp makes it look like the owner is growing cats!

19. Glass Half-Full!

There are pragmatic people in the world, and then there are those who are inherently idealistic. This post perfectly sums up both of these groups. The first photo shows the first lot who are diligent at watering their plants every day to keep them from dying.

Image courtesy of CosmicStarling/Imgur

They are always worried about their plant dying, so they do all they can to keep it fresh as a peach. And then there are people who forget to water their plants but are always optimistic that they can bring them back to life somehow.

20. Mama’s Day Out!

Every man has a wife who is obsessed with one thing or the other. This often means that they wouldn’t spare any money when it comes to buying these things. Most times, it’s usually clothes, shoes, and bags. But sometimes, it’s something completely different.

Image courtesy of exhiliratingni***e/Tumblr

This post hilariously illustrates a man trying his best to pull his wife away from a plant store. The strain we can clearly see on his body shows just how hard he has to try. Oh well, we can’t judge because even though we aren’t addicted to buying plants, we have our own obsessions!

21. Say My Name!

This post talks about the quirky habits of people who name everything they love. When it comes to pets, it can be acceptable, but plant lovers go so far as to name their plants. Sound fun, but it gets tricky if you have an entire orchard.

Image courtesy of comradeoof/Reddit

This meme makes fun of this seemingly peculiar habit. But when you really think about it, people have been known to name their cars, bikes, and even guitars. So, why not green living beings who give us life and happiness?

22. The ‘T’ in Plants Stands for Therapy!

Talking to someone when you are down is a normal way of handling things. Everyone needs consolation or constructive criticism once in a while. And when the issues feel bigger and more serious, one can always go for the option of a therapist.

Image courtesy of MU_Peter/Twitter

But what if you want to talk about your problems to something that won’t talk back to you? For that, the perfect listener might be a silent plant since it will stand there and listen quietly. Plus, plant lovers swear by talking to their plants to make them bloom faster and healthier!

23. Be Careful What You Say!

There are people out there who are incredibly adept at suggesting different things to other people. Things that might seemingly help them. But when that thing is very close to the other person’s heart, one should tread lightly in case that suggestion falls flat.

Image courtesy of

One should be even more careful if the topic of discussion is the plants a plant-lover owns. That’s mainly because if one dead leaf or one decayed root is discovered after your suggestion, that might be the end of you.

24. Lost Item Found!

Many people have a habit of picking up stray animals and bringing them home. Some of their family members do accept them but are annoyed by this behavior since their houses are usually at risk of turning into zoos! But for plant lovers, it’s even funnier.

Image courtesy of PleatedJeans

This guy’s wife has apparently bought another plant, and from these texts, it is apparent that her house is probably an orchard. Well, we are certain the man knew the kind of person he was promising to share his life with when he married her. Plus, she sounds really funny!

25. Twenty Years Later!

Memes that reference a show, film, or any other form of entertainment to something else are always fun. For example, check out this meme that compares the popular duo ‘Savage Garden’ to a dry, dead garden. It’s also a funny take on the word ‘Savage.’

Image courtesy of Stacker

This is a fun play on words where the name of the band has been used to relate it to a garden. Suffice it to say that this was most definitely done by a plant lover who also appreciates music. Nobody else would hunt a band down to make such a joke!

26. A Bit of Water a Day Keeps the Desert Away.

This is another funny meme that could only have been made by a plant lover. It shows the importance of drinking water by bringing into focus the nature of a cactus. We all know that drinking water is super beneficial to our healthy, but sometimes it’s hard to be disciplined about it.

Image courtesy of datplanttho/Imgur

And since cactus and other popular succulents are known for their ability to go for long periods without needing water. That said, people can’t go that long without this essential drink. Your body would shut down faster than you can say, ‘Oasis!’

27. Paint Me Yellow!

Snoop Dog is a pretty popular fellow who is well known for his witty commentary and awesome rap songs. Our next poster used this very iconic singer to usher in the harvest season in style. And Snoop Dog wore the perfect outfit for it.

Image courtesy of ObsessedWithAnimals/Imgur

For some reason, Snoop Dogg is dressed in a yellow hoodie while holding a bunch of corn. Additionally, he is wearing a corn-shaped headband over his head! Basically, this photoshoot is the dream of anyone who loves corn and Uncle Snoop.

28. Let’s Go For A Walk!

Children are the epitome of innocence, and they often show their love for different things at the earliest stages. The child in this post started showing her love for plants at a young age and did it in such an adorable way.

Image courtesy of Stephanie Nicole Jones/Facebook

This little girl found out that plants need the sun to survive, and, as a result, she took it upon herself to ensure her plant got the amount of sunlight it needed to grow. It’s hilarious but extremely thoughtful at the same time.

29. Some Dating Advice

Now this one is probably one of the most accurate pieces of dating advice we have ever seen. That said, some people may find it a bit weird. But we have come across some of the strangest tidbits of wisdom on the internet, so this one is not that bad.

Image courtesy of ThunderandDungeons

This post says that if a man who can keep healthy plants is available, snatch him up because he is a keeper. Apparently, since he is good at keeping non-moving and non-complaining things alive, he will treat you like a queen. We’ll leave you to find the correlation yourself!

30. Plant Supremacy!

Here is another example of a shopaholic who can’t resist buying just one more plant. This post perfectly shows what happens when someone who had no intention of buying anything goes to the plant store and ends up buying an entire shop!

Image courtesy of Isha Bassi/Imgur

This couple looks like they are drowning in plants! Judging by the dreamy, blissful look on her face, this must be the wife’s fault. We wouldn’t want to be in this man’s position because we know we wouldn’t handle it as well as he is.

31. Valentine’s Wish List

For every guy out there who thinks women only want jewelry, shoes, bags, etc, this post is for you. It says that women don’t want chocolates on Valentine’s Day. Instead, they want a plant to keep them happy. Thank us later!

Image courtesy of PleatedJeans

Although this is not the case for every woman out there, this post is the perfect example of the fact that women should be given what they want on Valentine’s Day instead of what the stereotypical society wants. Try and ask before simply getting chocolates and flowers as an afterthought.

32. Oh, The Peace!

Trimming plants is probably one of the most hectic jobs that can occupy the mind of a plant lover. But, at the same time, they simply cannot bear the idea of an untrimmed garden. And thus starts the tiresome job of trimming.

Image courtesy of Berkley

This post perfectly shows the satisfaction one feels when this tedious job is done and the garden looks all neat and orderly. The work might be hard, but the result is definitely worth the effort. And this post shows that perfectly.

33. Dirty Talk

Texting when you and your significant other are in a serious relationship is always fun, especially when things start getting flirtatious. But what happens when you are dating a garden lover with a penchant for naughty euphemisms? Read and learn.

Image courtesy of Hendy/TheChive

The answer is you need to read every text very carefully and understand exactly what the other person is trying to say. Since gardening consists of a lot of dirty work, your partner’s messages can be misinterpreted. This guy is now a pro at decoding such messages.

34. Blissful Existence

Everyone can do the work they love for a hundred hours without any hesitation or even exhaustion. But it takes a lot more to do the boring stuff. This post shows the tragic tale of a plant-lover who would rather plant trees than do anything else.

Image courtesy of

For those who have worked somewhere they don’t like, you know how tiring it can get to be there for just thirty minutes. But if you love gardening, you could probably spend six hours in the garden and not feel a thing.

35. Hardworker, Come Sun Or Rain

When you have been given a job, especially if you are getting paid, you do it no matter what. This shows you are sincere and reliable. But what if the work you have been assigned feels almost like a calling to you?

Image courtesy of Hendy/TheChive

This person is so dedicated to his job that he is watering his plants even in the middle of a heavy shower. Though we get the idea of loving your job this much, we don’t think anything would convince us to get caught in the rain!

36. Tried Their Best

Sometimes we try our best, but sadly it doesn’t always work out. Doesn’t matter how hard you tried; sometimes fate just isn’t on your side. But even then, it is important that the world should know what you did, even if it didn’t work.

Image courtesy of TheFragrantGarden

This person made a beautiful signboard in front of his garden, which probably has a few dead plants in it. In order to make peace with himself, the plant, and the people who see his garden, he put up a sign to proclaim his heartbreak.

37. Clean Your Pockets

Checking your pockets before putting them in the washer is one of the most basic things you have to do in case there are a few coins, notes, or important receipts left in your pockets so you don’t lose them forever. But this is different.

Image courtesy of Crystals/Reddit

While the things we mentioned above are commonly found in most people’s pockets, with plant lovers, the valuables you will come across are leaflets of garden shows or brochures for new plant shops! Woe unto you if you fail to check before throwing the clothes in the washer.

38. Take Me Away!

Almost everyone has seen that joke where someone asks what would happen if they were kidnapped, but then their friends or family would roast them, saying that they would be promptly returned since they are so annoying. This is the garden-lover version.

Image courtesy of Gayfromteenmom/Twitter

Apparently, plant lovers are confident that if they were ever to be kidnapped, they would be returned immediately since they would talk about gardening stuff, specifically compost, so much that the kidnapper would rather give them back than hear them talk anymore.

39. Someone To Watch Over Them.

Parents all around the world have to wake up in the morning, get their kids ready for school, and watch them get on the bus safely. That is one of the most essential parts of being a parent. But for someone who loves plants, these babies come first.

Image courtesy of Hendy/TheChive

Here, someone used Baby Yoda (again) to show everyone that for a plant-lover, what matters most is the safety of their plants. We especially love the addition of hair rollers and what we can only assume is a hot cup of coffee to illustrate how much of a priority this is!

40. Enough Holder For All!

A cup holder in a car is an extremely crucial accessory because that is where the morning coffee goes. Without that, people who have to drive to work early would probably get into a lot more accidents in the morning than they actually do.

Image courtesy of Ragga001/Imgur

But for people who love plants, that cup holder has other purposes. According to them, these tiny ‘pockets’ are actually not cup holders but plant holders for the seedling in their cars! Thanks to this meme, they have now discovered that they can use them to hold coffee too.

41. Cleaning The House

When it’s that time of the month when the house needs to be cleaned and you need to throw out a few things, that’s when most homeowners realize exactly what they are obsessed with. Sometimes it’s too many clothes, sometimes it’s…this.

Image courtesy of ButMyCouscous/Imgur

This person cleared out the house and realized that he had too many flower pots and containers than anybody should have. But honestly, we think the love was well-placed. Plants are the best, after all. So, please carry on, Steve.

42. I Am Innocent!!

And here is another tragic post involving animals where the friendly neighborhood dog dug up the ground again. But as is the custom, the pooch has unleashed his best puppy dog eyes to ask the owner to forgive him since it was not intentional!

Image courtesy of [unknown user]/Imgur

In case that doesn’t work, the dog has a foolproof plan B to blame the whole thing on the neighborhood cat! However, the mud in his nose definitely gives him away. That is the benefit of a dog. Instead of blaming the kitty, he’d benefit more from learning stealthiness from him!