Pots With Personality: 40+ Creative Pairings Of House Plants And Unique Containers

By Aileen Dometita

Having plants around brings a therapeutic touch to our lives. Their vibrant green leaves and delicate petals create a calming atmosphere, which in turn reduces stress and improves our mood. As we nurture them, they nurture us back, reminding us of the beauty and resilience of nature. Plant therapy is real, folks!

So if you want to feel happier and more at peace, we highly suggest investing in potted plants. Even if you’ve never felt like a ‘plant person,’ you might surprise yourself once you get your first one. And we have just the article to motivate you!

Embrace the green revolution and transform your space into a sanctuary. It shouldn’t feel like a chore with these lush plants in cute pot designs. And yes, you can talk to them without worrying about them barking or speaking back at you! Just bask in the tranquility of their presence.


Legs are the epitome of grace, power, and elegance, leaving a trail of admiration in their wake. Whether you’re rocking a stunning pair of heels, flaunting a chic skirt, or simply embracing your natural beauty, a woman’s legs are like a work of art.

Image courtesy of theactualtrashpanda / Reddit

So, what better way to turn heads than with a lovely pair of legs that demand attention? Of course, your potted plants can be eye-catching all by themselves, but more so with this pair of shapely legs hoisting them high!


Prepare to be feline fabulous with this purr-fectly delightful pot design! Imagine a ceramic masterpiece shaped like a playful cat but with a twist. Sprouting from the pot’s tail is a cluster of charming cacti mimicking the cat’s furry tails.

Image courtesy of Treadingresin / Reddit

This adorable creation not only adds a touch of whimsy to your space but also serves as a gentle reminder to embrace the prickly moments in life with grace. So, get ready to embrace the adorably prickly cat cacti pot and let your love for plants bloom!


Attention, all plant-loving gentlemen! It is time to embrace your green thumb side with a plant pot that was tailor-made for you. Here we have the “Macho Greenery” plant pot, designed with a touch of ruggedness and masculinity in mind.

Image courtesy of Daisy716 / Reddit

The “Macho Greenery” pot breaks stereotypes and welcomes men into the world of gardening and plant care. Crafted from durable materials, this pot exudes strength and style and is perfect for showcasing your love for nature without compromising your masculine edge!


With a little bit of imagination and a touch of DIY magic, this brick was repurposed into a one-of-a-kind planter, ready to house not just one but three different plant varieties. It’s rough exterior and sturdy nature provided the perfect backdrop for a botanical masterpiece.

Image courtesy of laguna_redneck / Reddit

As the brick embraced its exciting new role, it was divided into three sections, each carefully carved out to accommodate the different plants. The first section was home to a cascading ivy and the two other spaces for two succulents.

Fruity Tooty

Here we have the “Pineapple Paradise” pot design. A tropical-inspired delight that brings the vibrant and exotic spirit of the pineapple to your plant collection. This pot is like a mini getaway to a sunny island, adding a touch of tropical flair to your space.

Image courtesy of Muffin_Lord / Reddit

The “Pineapple Paradise” pot is not just a decorative piece; it’s a symbol of hospitality and warmth. In many cultures, the pineapple is seen as a sign of welcome and friendship. Placing this pot in your home or office is an excellent way to invite your guests to relax in a safe space.

See What We Did There

Get ready to bring some animated fun to your plant collection with a touch of Simpsons charm! Encourage your plants to take on the iconic hairstyles of beloved The Simpsons characters to infuse a pop culture vibe into your decor.

Image courtesy of korziee / Reddit

You can even do it yourself by painting the clay pot yellow and adding the unmistakable hairstyle of a Simpson’s character on top. Whether it’s “Lisa’s” spiky hair, “Marge’s” towering blue bouffant, or “Bart’s” spiky crown, each character brings their own unique personality to your green friend.

Brightening the Room

Introducing the “Upside-Down Blooms” pot design — a unique and eye-catching way to showcase your plants that will turn heads and defy gravity. Picture a pot that allows your plants to hang upside down, creating a stunning illusion that they are blooming from a bulb suspended in mid-air.

Image courtesy of expandwithzuli / Reddit

The pot is specially designed to securely hold the plant’s roots while allowing the foliage to cascade downward. As you place the plant inside, it gives the illusion that the bulb is bursting with vibrant greenery, creating a mesmerizing and unexpected display.

Open Wide

Are your plants growing like they have a secret to share? Introducing the “Open Wide” pot design, a playful and whimsical way to give your overgrowing plants a new home. Imagine a pot shaped like a wide-open mouth, ready to embrace and showcase the lush foliage bursting from within.

Image courtesy of chelseacombs / Reddit

As your plants thrive and grow, their foliage spills out from the “Open Wide” pot, creating an eye-catching display. This unique pot design is perfect for showcasing trailing plants or those with voluminous foliage that need a little extra room to spread their metaphorical wings.

Took Us Three Hours

Imagine a pot that mimics the intricate and elegant braided hair of a stunning woman, creating a striking display that celebrates diversity and beauty. With the “Braided Beauty” pot design, you can pay homage to the artistry and cultural significance of braided hairstyles.

Image courtesy of yusukegirlie / Reddit

As you place your plants in the “Braided Beauty” pot, their foliage mimics braids, creating a captivating sight reminiscent of a flourishing crown of braided hair. Now, that’s what it means when a woman says her hair is her crowning glory!

Gi-normous Berry

If you’ve ever yearned to add a touch of fruity delight to your plant collection, we suggest you get yourself this Berry Bliss pot. It resembles a juicy, ripe strawberry with its wide interior, vibrant red color, and textured surface.

Image courtesy of RollingTit / Reddit

Every pot is intricately crafted to mimic the texture and appearance of a real strawberry, with carefully painted details and a glossy finish. So, if you’re looking to add a dash of playfulness to your plant collection, the “Berry Bliss” pot is the perfect choice.

Very Zen

Next up, we have the “Cosmic Oasis” pot design. A captivating and otherworldly way to showcase your succulent garden. Picture a pot that depicts a serene and enlightened alien being, deep in meditation amidst a lush and vibrant succulent garden.

Image courtesy of mrszubris / Reddit

As you surround the alien figure with a variety of succulent plants, a harmonious blend of green hues and fascinating textures unfolds. The succulents, known for their resilience and beauty, create a stunning contrast against the otherworldly figure.

Retro Chic

If you’re looking for a groovy and fashionable pot to showcase your plants, then look no further. This pot showcases an ’80s-inspired woman with her cool shades, statement jewelry, and exuding an air of confidence. It’s a perfect indoor installment.

Image courtesy of ReflectionRude9334 / Reddit

As you place your plants in the “Retro Chic” pot, they become part of an artistic tableau that captures the essence of the beloved decade. The woman’s face serves as a backdrop for your green friends, and the design creates a harmonious blend of past and present.

Eating Off Its Back

When you place a plant in this pot, it appears as if the dinosaur is munching on the lush greenery on its back. This Dino Munch pot design guarantees that your dinosaur will never go extinct! Just remember to water your plants to maintain that prehistoric charm.

Image courtesy of puffinprincess / Reddit

Whether you choose a cascading plant that drapes elegantly over the dinosaur’s back or a vibrant one that appears to be disappearing into its mouth, the “Dino Munch” pot design is sure to capture attention. Get one or as many as you like!


And now we have a design we like to call the “Whale-tastic” pot. When you place a fern on top, it’s as if the whale is unleashing a gushing fountain, with the plant’s leaves mimicking the splashes of water. It’s a hilarious and playful twist on traditional pot designs!

Image courtesy of PoketheKristin / Reddit

That looks like a scene straight out of an ocean adventure. The cascading leaves simulate the water gracefully shooting out of the whale’s blowhole, creating a display that’s bound to bring smiles and laughter. Plus, you’ve gotta love the simplicity.


Introducing the “Family of Pots” collection, where gardening meets adorable familial charm! These innovative pot designs bring a touch of unison to your plant collection, turning ordinary planters into delightful representations of a loving family. They look so adorable, right?

Image courtesy of VituperativeOlive / Reddit

The larger pot serves as the protective parent, while the smaller pots exude the innocence and playfulness of the little ones. It’s a heartwarming reminder of the special bond that holds a family together. You can even ask the artist to craft one in the shape of your family!

Telling of Age

Only ’90s children can tell that this pot was inspired by “Cousin Itt” from The Addams Family, thanks to the long, flowing strands of hair cascading down. When you place your plant inside, it’s as if the character has sprouted a vibrant botanical hairstyle that adds a touch of gloom and doom!

Image courtesy of KaeCooks / Reddit

This pot design is a fantastic choice for fans of The Addams Family or anyone who enjoys a touch of eccentricity in their decor. It’s a playful nod to the beloved hairy cousin, who, unfortunately, was not featured in the latest remake.


If you are a fan of mythology, then we have with us a captivating and mythical pot and plant combo inspired by the creature “Medusa.” But instead of having flowing hair in the form of serpents, she has a gnarly group of prickly cacti cascading down her head.

Image courtesy of CrispCorpse / Reddit

If you’re willing to embrace the allure of Medusa and her mesmerizing beauty, the “Medusa’s Garden” pot design is the perfect choice. Of course, you can always buy the pot and then add serpents later, but play around with them at your own risk!

Takin’ a Dump

Picture a collection of mini toilet bowl-shaped pots, each one perfectly sized to hold a unique succulent. The only irony is that these plants don’t need as much water as the toilet bowl provides, so make sure not to flush often!

Image courtesy of purplepubes / Reddit

With multiple mini bowls, you have the opportunity to curate a diverse succulent collection, each one nestled in its own little oasis. It’s like having a miniature garden on display, with each succulent showcasing its distinct colors, textures, and forms in unique pots!

Leafy Embrace

Need a pair of hands to catch your beloved plants in a leafy embrace? This pot will do just that by enveloping your prized possessions in warmth and care. But be careful; your plants might grow to love these hands more than yours!

Image courtesy of hollydoggy / Reddit

Watch as your plants find a snug spot within the cupped hands. The only downside of this plant is that you will need a bigger pot should your plants grow bigger with the constant TLC. But that just means that you’re a successful plant parent!

Nature’s Armour

Prepare to dive into the exciting world of pot designs that transform plants into magnificent armored warriors. Inspired by the incredible creatures that lived in prehistoric times, these pots bring a touch of wildness and strength to your green oasis.

Image courtesy of brilaaa / Reddit

It’s a pot that channels the raw power and sheer magnificence of the dinosaur. You could even say it’s an armored fortress for your plants! Crafted from sturdy materials, this pot mimics the rugged texture of the dino’s thick skin. Your plants would definitely be in excellent hands.

For Flies on the Wall

Crafted with attention to detail, this pot embodies the lively nature of a frog. But here’s where the magic happens: when you place a fern inside, it transforms the pot into an amphibian attempting to catch a fly on the wall!

Image courtesy of PammaJamma3366 / Reddit

The plant’s fronds spill out, resembling the long, sticky tongue of a hungry frog ready to snatch a bug. It’s perfect for those who have guests or neighbors who keep meddling in your private affairs. This frog will catch ’em all!

Please Don’t

We all know that keeping our green buddies happy and thriving can sometimes be a challenge. But fear not! With this pot, you’re certain your plant will grow, thanks to words of affirmation! This heartfelt message reminds it to stay strong.

Image courtesy of DaffodilTattoo / Reddit

Other designs include a loving reminder, “Don’t Leaf Me, Plant!” These pots are the perfect companion to nurture your plants and uplift your spirits. With this message, if your plant ever decides to pack up its roots, it will think twice about leaving.

Snip Snip

In the world of plant care, there’s always room for a dash of humor and whimsy. This nose pot design brings playfulness to life by transforming your plant’s leaves into a hilarious sight that makes them seem as if they’re sprouting from a man’s nose.

Image courtesy of go2hill / Reddit

Beyond its humor, the nose pot design allows you to unleash your creativity and showcase your unique style. You can choose a pot with different facial expressions or even personalize it with paint or accessories, such as a nose ring!


Visualize a pot that resembles a cheerful droplet, with its rounded shape and a charming smile on its face. This simple and minimalistic design exudes a sense of youthful excitement. After all, with a plant growing on top of you, what’s not to be excited about?

Image courtesy of trapmochi / Reddit

The pot serves as a supportive base for your plant, radiating happiness and encouragement. It is a subtle reminder that plants, like us, thrive in an environment filled with positive energy. So go on, buy this cheerful droplet, and put it to good use!

Held High

Get ready to dive deep into the wonders of the ocean. This octopus-shaped pot is a delightful conversation starter, inviting discussions about marine life, plant care, the incredible creativity behind the design, and maybe even random wild encounters at the beach!

Image courtesy of AxReMi / Reddit

The octopus pot design celebrates the harmony between land and sea. As the tentacles cradle your plants, it’s a reminder of the interconnectedness of all living things. Additionally, the combination of the oceanic inspiration and the greenery creates a sense of balance in your room.


Are you ready to discover a pot design that not only adds a touch of style to your space but also brands your plant as an emotional support system? Now, you can, with the “plant buddy” pot! The affirmation is lovingly imprinted on the pot’s surface.

Image courtesy of heyshalian / Reddit

This serves as a reminder for guests that your plant is more than just a pretty face! It is a trusted companion on this emotional journey called life. Besides, we’ve long known plants to provide a healing presence within the abode, so this is just perfect.

No Privacy

If you’re ready to inject a dose of whimsy and playfulness into your plant collection, the quirky observer pot design is an excellent place to start. With its gangly legs hanging by the shelf, it reminds us of a younger sibling who keeps intruding into the privacy of your room.

Image courtesy of MonoDilemma / Reddit

By mounting it on a random corner, it becomes a playful observer, seemingly looking at you with mischievous charm. Embrace the lightheartedness it brings and speak to it like you would your friend. You’re guaranteed that it will listen without any objections!


Despite the passing of millennia, we can’t help but be drawn to the mysteries of the Greco-Roman era. If you’re like us, you’ll spot this mystic muse. She radiates an air of timeless elegance and serenity. The pot also adds a touch of classical artistry, perfect for a mini-library or a coffee table.

Image courtesy of those_cats / Reddit

The “Mystic Muse” pot design is perfect for those who appreciate the allure of Greek mythology, the graceful aesthetics, and the memorable busts of ancient Greece. It’s like having a piece of history and culture right in your home or garden.

Serene Soul

The “Serene Soul” pot design is perfect for those who seek a moment of zen and a touch of artistic beauty in their surroundings. With this, you’ll have a little meditation companion for your plants, reminding you to find moments of stillness.

Image courtesy of Takemetothedrivein / Reddit

Not only does the “Serene Soul” pot design offer a visually captivating experience, but it also serves as a gentle reminder to practice mindfulness and self-care. As you water your plants and tend to their growth, take a moment to appreciate the “now.”

Rub A Dub

How would you feel about giving your plants a well-deserved bath? You need not worry about them getting drenched in water. This tubular design is complete with decorative faucets you can turn off once your plants are submerged in water.

Image courtesy of counting_noodles / Reddit

This is a fantastic way of bringing a little piece of vintage charm into your home or garden. This pot design invites a sense of relaxation and indulgence as if your plants are luxuriating in their own little spa retreat. And who wouldn’t like that?

Deep Breaths Everyone

Take deep breaths, or better yet, get your oxygen tanks! Brace yourselves for a pot design that will transport you to the depths of the ocean. You and your plant will be taken on an amazing journey of sunken depths where sunlight can’t reach

Image courtesy of MysticalBlsarghia / Reddit

This is a pot that brings the grandeur of a whale into your space. With its menacing features and haunting eyes, the Leviathan pot design captures the essence of this awe-inspiring marine creature. If you want, you can expand the collection with more marine-based pots for an oceanic theme!

Plant Potatoes!

Imagine a pot design that resembles a cozy couch, where your beloved plants can become the ultimate couch potatoes. All they will want to do once they settle in is to kick off their roots, relax and watch the telly!

Image courtesy of MERLINSBALLS / Reddit

This special pot is complete with cushions, soil, and armrests. It is a cozy spot for your plants to recline or sleep on. Just imagine if you planted potatoes in these things. Your plant will literally become a couch potato.

TsTssstay Away

Got pesky kids or adults who can’t stop touching your plants? Worry not. With this serpentine-themed pot, we’re certain they won’t be fondling your house plants any further. This sinuous snake, elegantly coiled around the plant, will watch over it 24/7.

Image courtesy of bucklestarfish / Reddit

It’s the unlikeliest of relationships. A symbiotic relationship between your flora and the serpentine creature. Just make sure to place it in a well-lit area, or else you might get the shock of your life if you walk in on these two in a dimly lit area.

For the Minimalist Planter

Here we have pots shaped like sleek tubes adorned with minimalist character designs. Each pot features a unique character, created with clean lines and simple shapes. But there’s no mistaking the detail and hard work that went into creating each.

Image courtesy of ladypitt / Reddit

You can play around with different characters, positioning them next to each other or even grouping them together for a gathering of plant companions. Each is a centerpiece in its own right, but they can all blend in with the crowd if you place them together, as seen in the picture above.


There is something almost magical about waking up to the natural symphony of sounds that announce the arrival of a brand-new day. Among those numerous varying sounds, few are as iconic and energizing as the classic crowing of a rooster.

Image courtesy of nocatsjustplants / Reddit

But what’s this? You quizzically look around, trying to ascertain where the sound came from. Instead, you’re met with the calming presence of this potted plant with the legs of a rooster. It then crows once more to tell you this isn’t a dream!

Quirky Quacker

Duck lovers, rejoice! We have an egg-cellent pot design that will make you quack up with laughter. The Quirky Quacker pot design features an irresistibly cute duck, with its head tilted to one side as if observing your every move with genuine curiosity.

Image courtesy of ortiz0987 / Reddit

It has wide, cartoonish eyes and a playful expression on its face. This cheeky little duck becomes an amusing companion, always there to lend an ear (or even a beak) as you tend to the plant that calls it home.


Shaped like a majestic whale, this unique planter creates the illusion of plants spilling out of its open mouth. With its gentle curves and serene expression, the Whalesong Planter is sure to amaze and beguile anyone who looks at it.

Image courtesy of YourBabyIonPlants / Reddit

Let your plants find their home within the belly of this delightful ceramic whale. Should they grow big enough, the whale can always cough them up to safe shores. And they can grow in its belly without worrying about rent!


This pot design was inspired by the human physique. After all, our legs represent grounding and stability and provide a strong foundation for the human body. These designs are size-inclusive, which means you can choose athletic or shapely legs like these.

Image courtesy of sarahsuebob / Reddit

These pot designs can be used as standalone pieces, allowing the plants to emerge from the “feet,” or they can be grouped together, creating a visually striking display of interconnectedness. So how about it – will you invite your plants to take a step into these pots?


Beauty as a concept on its own is a magnificent tapestry woven with grace, strength, and endless possibilities. Inspired by the captivating essence of women and femininity, we present a pot design that celebrates natural beauty in all its forms.

Image courtesy of crlymrhd / Reddit

The pot design is adorned with delicate floral motifs reminiscent of the blossoms that constantly grace a woman’s presence. Each flower represents the inherent beauty, grace, and growth that women nurture, both within themselves and in the world around them.


Anyone who has an old basketball knows that it carries a wealth of memories, reminding us of countless games, exhilarating experiences, and friendly competitions. By repurposing it into a plant pot, we breathe new life into the ball while still preserving the spirit of sportsmanship.

Image courtesy of ChrisEnglishhh / Reddit

The spherical shape of a basketball lends itself beautifully to housing plants. With a little creativity, you can transform it into a snug and secure home for your greenery. Plus, the basketball’s durability and drainage holes make it the ideal vessel for plant growth.

Breath of Air

In a world filled with complexity and constant stimuli, minimalist pot design emerges as a breath of fresh air (more so if you have plants in them). It is an art form that celebrates simplicity, stripping away the unnecessary to reveal the essence of beauty and functionality.

Image courtesy of tangerine94 / Reddit

At the heart of the minimalist design lies the principle of “less is more.” It is a deliberate and conscious choice to eliminate excess and grandeur, so you can spend time and focus your attention on what matters more – your plants’ growth.

Well, Hello There

This design may make you cringe initially, but it possesses a certain undeniable appeal that draws you in. It doesn’t have outrageous colors or unexpected motifs. It simply has a goofy face that’s sure to make you smile awkwardly in return.

Image courtesy of ReflectionRude9334 / Reddit

Cringey pot designs revel in their quirks and idiosyncrasies. And they make awesome conversation starters too. They dispel arguments as soon as your eyes land on them because, well, let’s face it, they are a more captivating topic of interest!

Many Faces of Plants

One of the most intriguing aspects of human-inspired pot designs is the inclusion of expressive faces. These pots have intricately crafted features, from the eyes and nose to the mouth, and even detailed expressions. They can be ambiguous in shape, but you’d still interpret them as humanoid in character.

Image courtesy of keezula / Reddit

Human-inspired pot designs rely largely on human features. These pots can convey a varying sense of movement, emotion, or playfulness that remind you of different people in your life. They’re the perfect keepsakes or gifts for the cherished people in your home.

It Won’t Fit

This clown, with his vibrant makeup and oversized shoes, is inconsolably sad. His girlfriend had just broken the news to him, and after that, he was as deflated as can be. She said it‘s too big! And sadly, there was nothing this clown could do about its sheer size.

Image courtesy of SushiNinja4599 / Reddit

To make matters worse, it was prickly! His bulging plant can’t keep itself hidden inside his trousers. Everywhere he went, people stared and pointed at his prickly member. Should he water it down to make room for another friendlier plant?

Strapped In

Let’s round off our gardening journey with a lighthearted and playful ode to footwear. This pot design was inspired by sturdy male boots. But frankly, no one is going to keep you from customizing stilettos for your ferns and succulents!

Image courtesy of roboscott3000 / Reddit

Simply fill it to the brim with pebbles, pour in some water, and then ground your indoor plant inside the pot. Watch it grow like a stump, basking in the warmth of the sun from your windowsill. It can even double up as a vase if you want!