Blooming Blunders: 30+ Tales Of Growing Food Gone Wrong

By Louise T

Growing one’s own food is a noble and rewarding endeavor. It conjures images of lush gardens, a sense of self-sufficiency, and vibrant produce. Aside from access to fresh food and eating healthier, gardening has other benefits, including lower stress levels, improved quality of life, and an enhanced immune system.

However, as countless aspiring green thumbs have learned, the path to a flourishing harvest is more complex than it seems. This is because you control everything when you grow your food, from seed selection to soil type and even planting mode. Despite your efforts and best intentions, things sometimes go awfully wrong, leading you down a hilariously unexpected path. Laugh and learn with us as we witness instances when planting ended horribly wrong.

1. The Great Potato Harvest 

This person must have been very disappointed in their harvest, but at least they could get a few medium-sized potatoes. The secret to a good harvest is hilling and pruning. Don’t skip these steps because doing so causes problems.

Without pruning, plenty of energy would go into producing leaves rather than giving you a mighty harvest, which isn’t what any farmer wants. This person should still be happy that he won’t leave empty-handed. Let’s hope the spuds taste well.

2. Squish, Not Squash 

This is more of a squish than a squash. Since it was this guy’s first harvest, he had a lot to learn. Let this be a reminder not to harvest your squash too early. Squash is best when at least 6 inches long, so let them grow for much longer. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@GlitteryBorko

Also, squash needs to be pollinated to help them grow bigger, so even when the flowers have fallen off, you should manually pollinate them just to be sure. It’s a little step that greatly affects your harvest, so keep it in mind.

3. Carrot Harvest, For Ants

This is definitely a waste. Carrots should be at least three times this size. Whoever said baby carrots didn’t exist should eat their words because here is the proof of their existence. The lousy harvest must obviously be because he picked them too soon. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@ZiggysSack

This is a clear case of overcrowding. Carrots don’t grow well when they are transplanted. They must be planted well from the onset. There should be enough space for sunlight, air, and nutrients. In addition, you can make tea with the leaves, so it’s not entirely a waste.

4. Rhubarb Pie 

Rhubarb plants are perennial vegetables known for their thick, celery-like stalks. They require a good amount of sunlight to thrive; from the looks of it, this plant must have been struggling to grow properly. Imagine having high hopes for your plant to end up like this.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@Heavens-2-Murgatroyd

Amidst all the other plants, it still managed to grow. Next time you decide to plant a rhubarb, be sure to have at least knowledge about agriculture. Your dream of having the unique tart flavor of rhubarb in your pie will become a reality soon.

5. Not Everything Is As It Seems

This is an excellent example of people having unrealistic expectations. Your harvest will sometimes look different from what you see in photos. It’s probable this person expected their tomato to come out looking bountiful but ended up with a single fruit/vegetable.

Image courtesy of

Your harvest is based on how and when you plant something. If you want an abundant harvest, you should be ready to work. This tomato didn’t get enough sunlight or nutrients. Pruning is another critical step that shouldn’t be overlooked.

6. Lime’s Tree First Lime 

With the coin as a reference, you can tell how tiny the lime is. Needless to say, this could have been a better harvest. However, the fact that this is the first lime from the tree means it’s not a complete failure. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@dusty_trendhawk

The problem here is the lime was picked too soon. If they had waited a bit, it would have grown bigger. All this gardening enthusiast needs is a lot of patience and care for the tree to produce better limes.

7. Fairy Egg

Considered a glitch in the laying process, fairy eggs are generally small because they lack a yolk and are underdeveloped. Compared to a regular egg, they can be as small as a marble but are often as big as a golf ball.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@MrBean1512

This condition is caused by stress or when the chicken isn’t well-fed. On rare occasions, it can be the cause of an underlying condition. However, if it happens only once, there is nothing to be worried about. You can still request the services of a professional veterinarian.

8. Yellow Raspberries 

This epic planting fail had us laughing really hard. We can’t even call them raspberries. They are drupelets because how did they come out looking this small? Environmental conditions likely had a huge part to play in this outcome.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@ellenayla

Factors such as temperature, sunlight, enough space, and soil fertility should be considered because they can highly impact the fruit development of berries. An excellent tip to remember is to pick a site with good air circulation and plenty of sun.

9. Odd Carrots

It’s obvious why this carrot came out looking like this. You should know that your plant’s soil type and location will greatly affect its production. It’s heartbreaking and disappointing how crooked and tiny these carrots are.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@LochNesMonster17

This is a clear case of planting in rocky soil. Uneven, compacted, or rocky soil can hinder the growth of carrots and cause them to become crooked. The poor veggie ended up looking like a mandrake. This should be a reminder for those who want to plant carrots.

10. Baby Morel 

Described as earthy and woodsy, morels are hard to find and very difficult to grow, so we understand why this came out like a squeezed mushroom. They have specific habitat requirements and often favor certain types of trees or plants. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@MAH1977

They also need a certain level of moisture and environmental conditions. They thrive in environments that are not too dry or too wet. Hopefully, this gardener will have a better harvest in the future because we love morels in our soup.

11. A Pea In A Pod 

Try not to laugh at this one. It took us some time to figure out precisely what this was. Instead of two peas in a pod, he grew one pea in a pod, but that should still count for something, right? 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@azulkachol

A pea may grow this small due to insufficient sunlight, nutrient deficiencies, or inadequate watering. Additionally, overcrowding of plants can restrict access to resources resulting in stunted growth. If you want your peas to look healthy, you must first understand the basics.

12. Another Carrot Disaster 

At first sight, this looks more like a grub than anything else. But the person who posted it swears it’s a carrot, and we have no choice but to believe them. This is the first time we have seen the orange veggie look like this. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@pomskiesxx

At this point, people should take one or two lessons on gardening. It appears this carrot lacked enough sunlight exposure and soil mineral content throughout its lifetime. This isn’t even edible! They could have it around the house as a reminder of their endeavors.

13. Can’t Make Lemonade 

As the famous saying goes, you make lemonade when life gives you lemons. This right here falls outside that category. If life throws this at us, we’d be sad for a long time, because it’s nothing worth seeing or being excited about.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@GlitteryBorko

Even a hundred of these can hardly make a glass of lemonade, and that’s very disappointing. This is because of inadequate watering and insufficient access to nutrients like phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium. Don’t worry, because you can always do better!

14. The Mighty Asparagus 

The fact that we had to zoom in to see the asparagus underscores its minute size. It looks very malnourished and definitely has a lot going on. The first rule in gardening is finding the perfect spot for your plants. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@nooksak

You can’t have a lot going on and expect your plant to do well. We hope this person cleared the area and provided sunlight and water to the plant. It looks like something that would grow well and produce a bountiful harvest if given proper care.

15. Coffee Beans Potatoes

This person said his potato harvest increased from less than 0.5g to 31g, and that’s a lovely thing. This could encourage gardening enthusiasts to keep going. You can get a bountiful harvest if you do what’s necessary for your spuds.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@DeeamsofApplePie

The thing most people need to realize about plants is that they require adequate and proper attention for them to give you back what you want. You can’t expect an abundant harvest when you did so little in cultivating them.

16. Garlic Is Not Easy

Garlic is not easy to plant, and many have failed woefully. So, this isn’t entirely a disaster, and we have to commend this farmer for even trying in the first place. You’ll never know your planting and growing capabilities if you don’t try.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@reasonably_handy

To grow garlic, you must plan 9 months ahead and provide adequate time for it. You can’t just dump it in the soil and ask your fairy godmother for help. We hope he gets better at it because this baby garlic is a good start.

17. World’s Smallest Watermelon 

We can’t believe that this right here is a watermelon. This should win the Guinness World Record for the smallest watermelon.  We have never seen the likes of this, and this is what they mean when they say colossal failure.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@tow-knee

It looks like the offspring of a watermelon and a guava. Lack of proper insect pollination and overcrowding were the main reasons the fruit came out looking like this. There’s still room for improvement and a better harvest.

18. Pomegranate Harvest

Pomegranates shouldn’t look like this. They are drought-resistant plants, so they should still be ok even without enough water. Mature pomegranate trees can withstand dry conditions and have adapted mechanisms to survive in arid regions. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@Lo_Ingobernable

This person should have taken better care of the tree from the onset. For better results, fertilize the tree on time before the next harvest. We want to point out the obvious that these fruits aren’t even ripe yet and shouldn’t be eaten.

19. The Saga Continues 

The asparagus saga continues; if we were this farmer, we would be slightly disappointed too. Imagine measuring your plant daily, hoping for a miracle that likely won’t come. This is far gone, and we doubt anything would change. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@Luvnmylife

Better knowledge about asparagus planting is necessary, from the soil to the fertilizers and even the location. Starting the process all over again with better soil and good sunlight should result in a satisfactory yield. By the way, thanks for the banana scale.

20. Container Radish 

Contrary to what most people think, container radishes often come out very small due to limited space for root development. The confined environment of containers restricts the radish’s ability to spread its roots and access sufficient nutrients and water from the soil. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@ktcardz

Nobody wants their radish to be so small as a thumb that you can’t enjoy eating it. You should plant it in spacious containers with nutrient-filled soil and appropriate ventilation. These favorable conditions will give you an excellent harvest.

21. Awkward Strawberries 

Well, at least the blueberries look good. We hope they taste delicious too. However, what caught our eye was how awkwardly shaped the strawberries were. What is the likely culprit for such a condition? Uneven pollination. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@Gudgie1

If the flower is not fully pollinated, certain parts of the fruit may not develop fully, leading to weird shapes and sizes. It’s a must to ensure they pollinate well. There are many things wrong with this photo; don’t even get us started on the peas.

22. Pattypan Squash 

Not all squash plants are big and able to feed a whole village. There are varieties that are smaller. In case you are a little lost like we were when we first saw this, don’t worry; we are here to help you out.  

Image courtesy of Reddit/@Sharcbait

A member of the Cucurbitaceae family, the pattypan squash can be cooked in different ways and would taste fantastic. Roasted, sauteed, and baked, you don’t even need to peel them. Although they are usually small with tender flesh, this one is like a miniature toy squash.

23. World Record Potato 

You wouldn’t believe it if we told you what plant this is. This is a potato harvest. Like we said earlier, plants like this should be winning Guinness World Records or be kept in a museum. They have no business being eaten for human consumption.  

Image courtesy of Reddit/@VomitMaiden

This person said squirrels decided to rip off their harvest, which was why it came out looking like this. We suggest they put chicken wire around and over the plants. This would stop the wild animals in the neighborhood from causing havoc.

24. Gigantic-Sized Strawberry

We are sure this person must have been shocked when they found this fruit. We have never seen anything like it, and we bet you haven’t either. A combination of environmental conditions and genetic factors can cause gigantic-sized strawberries.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@XxmsmaliciousxX

The factors include optimal temperature, adequate watering, and use of fertilizers. It is rare to see such a humongous fruit, and we are sure this person must have been shocked to find this. We sincerely hope it tastes great.

25. It’s Got The Juice

Everybody loves corn. It’s rich in Vitamin C and can help fight diseases like cancer. Like any plant, a farmer should figure out its life cycle and dos and don’ts. This is a perfect example of an over-eager grower not waiting for the poor plant to perform. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@kjbaran

It is time people started reading up on crucial information on cultivating plants. Corn should not be planted until after the last frost, and seedlings should be spaced 8 to 12 inches apart. Aged compost helps improve native soil conditions.

26. Crazy Cherry Harvest

We know how crazy a cherry harvest can be. Firstly, cherries attract many birds to come and dine, and even though planting a red cherry tree is relatively easy, you have to look after it continuously until the fruits ripen.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@nooksak

Consider a good location and constantly water the plant. Apply a layer of mulch around the base of the tree occasionally to aid nutrient distribution. Within a few years, you can expect a bigger harvest.

27.  A Serious Carrot 

We have seen several small and minute fruits. So, let’s go for the exact opposite this time; a mighty carrot that could feed a whole town for over a year. However, gigantic carrots aren’t all they seem. Looks, they say, can be deceitful.  

Image courtesy of Reddit/@5ittingduck

They often develop a woody or fibrous texture that makes eating them less enjoyable. So even though this carrot looks huge and attractive, it will most likely taste bad. A massive carrot is nothing to celebrate about.

28. Another Fairy Egg

Here’s another case of a fairy egg. As we said before, fairy eggs lack yolks. They are rare, so if it happens once or twice, it is not really a big deal. The cause of the fairy egg is unknown.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@Kindasortawannanotta

It has been characterized as being caused by stress or a change in the chicken’s diet.  But if it continually happens, something is wrong with your hen, and it’s time to get the attention of your local veterinarian.

29. Green Potatoes 

This must be one of the smallest and weirdest-looking potatoes we have seen. Even the color gives a weird vibe. No other potato on this list comes close to it. We are bothered by the color; how did it end up green? 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@pouletfrites

We hope whoever planted this threw it away because it doesn’t look and feel edible. This looks like something a witch would add to her potion, not what humans should eat. We suggest they uproot the whole plant and start again. 

30. Gigantic Cauliflower 

This woman planted a cauliflower but ended up harvesting something else. How did it end up looking this small? Many things could have gone wrong, which is why it’s important to get your hands on as much information as possible and talk to an expert.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@Superb-Enterpreneur4

Usually grown from seeds, the cauliflower needs firm, moisture-retentive soil and plenty of sun. The vegetable has a reputation as being difficult to grow, so you should be in it for the long haul and prepared to consistently water them.

31. Earrings Mushrooms 

At first glance, these little metallic things look like earrings. However, the person who posted this image said he was growing mushrooms but got this instead. The lack of moisture must have been the cause of this weird shrinkage. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@beroemd

Mushrooms thrive in a wet environment because they are primarily composed of water. If exposed to dry and harsh weather conditions or stored improperly, they can lose moisture and shrink in size resulting in something similar.

32. Mightiest Red Pepper

This one is better than the others on this list. It could be because of the pepper type planted. Some varieties are naturally shorter than others, such as Ancho Poblano and Bulgarian Carrot peppers. It’s crucial to plant the correct variety.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@mamazombieza

But it could also be the need for proper pollination. If peppers are not adequately pollinated, they may not reach their full potential size. Ensure that pollinators like bees can access your plants, or consider hand-pollinating the flowers to ensure a better fruit set.

33. Thai Chili Pepper 

Thai chili peppers, also known as bird’s eye chili, are naturally smaller than other pepper varieties. However, this particular Thai chili pepper is exceptionally tiny. Environmental factors like the cold are the likely reason for this.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@The_Untraceable_Conch

Thai peppers prefer warm and humid conditions. If they are grown in cooler climates or exposed to inconsistent temperatures, it can affect their growth and result in smaller fruits. Careful, often the smaller they are, the spicier they are!

34. Took It Longer Enough 

Pineberry is a white strawberry cultivar with red seeds and a pineapple-like flavor. They typically start bearing fruits within 4 to 6 weeks after flowering. Once the flowers are pollinated, the fertilized ovaries develop into small green fruits that gradually mature and ripen. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@smokeandmirrorsff

Although pineberries are typically grown as perennial crops, this man’s plant took three years to bear fruit. This can depend on factors such as the growing conditions, temperature, amount of sunlight, and the specific variety of pineberry being grown.

35. Daikon Rose

A Daikon rose is a long white crunchy vegetable. Daikons are winter radishes that grow well in East and South Asian countries, but can still be grown in other places under good conditions. This is the skinniest daikon we have ever seen.  

Image courtesy of Reddit/@writeatewrite

The likely cause of skinny and long daikons like this is competition between radishes for significant nutrients. When there is overcrowding, your plant is guaranteed to perform woefully, so follow the required spacing and water them regularly.

36. Bite-Sized Broccoli 

Thanks for using the fork as a scale. Most times, pictures can be deceiving, and we wouldn’t have thought it would have come out this small. Broccoli is a cruciferous vegetable rich in antioxidants and other beneficial plant compounds with benefits as disease prevention. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@Possolum

The leading cause of unhealthy broccoli is the irregular supply of water. This may stress the plant and cause them to become smaller in size. In most cases, they have a bitter taste and aren’t fit for consumption.

37. Rainbow Carrots

These are called rainbow carrots, and happen when you don’t thin the sprouted tops after reaching 3-4 inches. There is not even edible or worth replanting. We suggest this person start his carrot farm again.

We have a few tips for people who plan to cultivate carrots and be successful at it. Keep the soil moist with frequent shallow watering, provide adequate sunlight, and plant them In loose and friable soil. Follow these tips for healthy carrots.

38. Blueberry Bounty

This user called his blueberries a bounty; that’s definitely one way to put it. The irony of it all makes us laugh even more. It is one thing to dedicate time and effort to something and have great anticipation for it. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@Bitter-Lab-4375

We know he must have been thinking about the blueberry pies he would make, only to be met with a huge disappointment. Well, tough luck, but there’s always a next time to better care for his plants.

39.  Let’s Make Salsa

These scales give us a better picture of these fruits’ sizes. We are still determining why her peppers and tomatoes came out looking like this. If they had discoloration and shrinkage, it likely was because of poor nutrients in the soil.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@kyungp00

They look like healthy veggies, despite their size. It’s possible she chose a variety of smaller tomatoes and peppers. But there’s a silver lining here; she doesn’t need to throw them away. She can turn this tiny harvest into salsa.

40.  The Mother Said

For a brief moment, we interpreted this image as that of a mother and her child. The primary reason this tomato looks small is nutrient problems. Tomatoes are heavy feeders, and if they have insufficient water in the soil, they tend to come out poorly.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@Trolivia

So before this user wallows in disappointment, he should determine the root cause of his tomato problem and find a way to fix it before the next harvest. Otherwise, there would be no salad for him this year.

41. What In The Bok Choy?

Unlike what you’re thinking, this isn’t a tiny flower but a bok choy. Yes, the sight of this left us in total shock. Since bok choy is a cruciferous vegetable related to cauliflower and cabbages, it requires proper care and attention.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@Circumsisedtoenail

This means it should be provided full sunlight and very moist and well-draining soil to give it adequate nutrients. The last thing you want is a bok choy that looks like an unwanted plant. With improved soil conditions, your following plants will turn out better.

42.  Strange But True

The more we keep diving into this article, the more we realize the existence of many strange things. Here’s a sick-looking radish, and we’re unsure if we should feel disappointed like the farmer or sorry for the poor plant. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@rhiready

Radishes come out like this when they are not grown properly. You have to give them enough water and carefully space them so one does not affect the other. This way, you grow healthy veggies that will please even the most picky eaters.

43. Make Some Lemonade 

At first glance, we thought these were limes. At least, compared to the last lemon we saw on this list, this is by far an improvement. These lemons still have the potential of growing more significant in size had they not been plucked too soon. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@Mainzer1308

Nothing appears to be really wrong with this particular tree. The farmer needs to improve a few things. Regular watering and the use of fertilizers will do. Also, if you love lemonade, let your lemons grow bigger before plucking them.

44. A Big Batch Of Hot Sauce

Now this is an unhealthy-looking pepper that must be going through a lot.  One of the most common reasons why pepper turns yellow is watering stress. This can happen if the plants are either overwatered or underwatered. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@meetballlady

In this case, we are guessing overwatering. Pepper plants love moist soil, but that doesn’t mean they love to sit in water. Once you have fixed this problem, issues like this shouldn’t arise. If you didn’t know any better, now you do.

45. Biggest Fail 

The last on the list is another failed and disappointing attempt at planting a radish. The more we read about radishes, the more we realize that growing them takes work. This has got to be the worst radish. Nothing comes close to this. The leading cause is, most likely, poor management.  

Image courtesy of Reddit/@Trolivia

People who aren’t good at caring for plants have no business raising them. From the look of her environment, she must have planted the radish in the wrong soil. A lighter, sandy, and well-drained soil is the most compatible for this veggie.