Eco-friendly Household Swaps To Use In Your Home

By Anthony K

We are all continuously reading about the negative repercussions of our garbage production. But, with so much waste to consider, what methods should you use to lower your waste output? Reducing our carbon footprint should be everyone’s top priority. One easy way to do this is with some simple eco-friendly swaps around your home:

Real utensils and cutlery

Using real plates and flatware is an easy, eco-friendly alternative to plastic plates and cutlery. You can even get reusables for when you’re on the go! Many people believe that using disposable products will save them water that would be used washing dishes. But they don’t consider the water used in the various stages of production of plasticware, much less the overall environmental hazards.

Biodegradable cleaning products


Replace cleaners with suspected hazardous chemicals with these simple homemade alternatives or biodegradable soaps. Shampoos and liquid soaps come in plastic containers that may pile up if not reused, increasing waste in your home. Solid shampoos, conditioners, and even dishwashing soaps are an easy way to cut out plastic bottles.


With its synthetic polymers and rigid plastic container, commercial dental floss can be extremely harmful to the environment. You can swap to Georganics natural dental floss created from environmentally friendly materials such as bamboo fiber or ahimsa silk. Don’t worry about the taste; it’s coated in natural waxes and flavored with essential oils. It comes in a glass dispenser that can be refilled multiple times.

Use reusable sanitary products

Yulia Grigoryeva/Shutterstock

Every year, more than 20 billion disposable diapers and sanitary towels are tossed in landfills! Rather than using disposable diapers, try cloth diapers. Use period underwear or a menstrual cup instead of disposable sanitary products.