Chrome Add-ons That Make Donating A Breeze

By Anthony K

It’s impossible to escape the internet nowadays. You’re using it right now! And you can do more than check your email and watch Neflix? You can help the Earth while you browse! Here are a few Chrome extensions to help the Earth while you Google where the nearest composter is:


Planting trees has never been easier! Ecosia is a search engine that uses the ad revenue to make the Earth a greener place. 80% of it goes to planting trees. What about the remaining 20%? Well, they fund renewable energy projects. Ecosia has planted over 100 million trees so far! And if you spend more time on your phone, you can download their mobile app.

Tab for a Cause

Since they were founded in 2011, Tab for a Cause has raised over $1.3 million for charity. This extension, as the name implies, works with your Chrome browser tabs. An advertisement appears every time you start a new tab. The ad revenue is then donated to deserving charities and causes such as poverty and human rights violations.

The average person opens dozens of tabs per day. When multiplied by the number of daily internet users, this extension has the potential to have a significant impact. Consider it as harnessing the chaos of tab opening for a good cause — just as their name implies.


Just like Tab for a Cause, OceanHero utilizes tabs to generate money. So, what do they do with it? They spend the money on ocean cleaning projects. So far, they’ve cleaned up more than 27 million bottles from the sea!

4th Wall

An innovative service that raises funds for charity and helps creators make better content. It is a free Chrome Extension that converts the time you spend on sites like Netflix and Prime Video into cryptocurrency that you can use to benefit charities.

The extension tracks how long you spend watching shows. They make a donation to a cause you choose for every 4 hours you watch. Over 35,000 meals have already been provided to needy families by the community.