All You Need To Know About My Little Plastic Footprint

By Anthony K

We all use plastics; that’s a fact. We won’t go into the negative ramifications of it, but we will address how much we interact with it. It is the most commonly used packaging material, not to mention being used in household items, office supplies, paints, clothing, and many more. So, with that in mind, when someone says ‘Plastic footprint,’ what comes to your mind? In simple terms, your plastic footprint is the amount of plastic you contribute to global garbage. This can encompass both the plastic you consume and the plastic you generate.

But with so much plastic around us, it’s difficult to pick a starting point when you’re trying to use less plastic. For step one, you can calculate your plastic footprint. Have you ever heard about the app My Little Plastic Footprint?

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My Little Plastic Footprint helps you go on a plastic diet. To start, it shows you want regular products you might be using that have plastic. But it’s not there to shame you. The app includes suggestions for alternatives and why you should make that change.

Once you’ve plugged in all of the items you use (or don’t use), the app calculates your Plastic Mass Index (PMI). That’s your plastic footprint. It allows you to compare how much you use versus the general populous. The lower your number, the less waste you contribute. It’s an encouraging way to see how much of a difference each switch makes.

Now, how about you download that app and be part of saving our planet?