10 Million Trees And Counting: Sudbury Is Working To Make A Greener City

By Anthony K

How active are you in tree planting efforts? We believe that if you’re passionate about the environment, you can’t be too busy or broke to plant at least a tree each year. The Greater Sudbury’s milestone of ten million trees over four decades proves that joint efforts yield better results.

Image courtesy of Tyler Clarke/Sudbury.com

The ten millionth tree was planted close to the William Bell Gazebo at Bell Park in an exercise attended by dignitaries including Dr. Jane Goodall, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and Steven Guilbeault. A tiny group of protestors made their voices heard by interrupting speeches intermittently, holding banners and signs pointing out various issues.

Mayor Brian Bigger narrated childhood memories of the 1960s when Sudbury was a “black rock” covered with dead tree stumps and a barren landscape after years of mining. He congratulated the joint tree planting efforts that reclaimed the city as a center of environmental innovation. Mayor Bigger also stated that work was ongoing as they hoped to restore over 30,000 hectares.

Image courtesy of City of Greater Sudbury via cbc.ca

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau claimed that achieving the ten millionth tree milestone within 45 years is a message of hope and safeguarding a better future. He encourages more folks to plant trees because every tree can make a difference in environmental reclamation. Goodall praised the young people for taking the time to breed fish, plant trees, and care for various ecosystems.

Peter Beckett, chair of the Vegetation Enhancement Technical (VTAC) Advisory Panel, recalled that they didn’t expect such a celebration when starting the exercise in 1978 as they didn’t expect the program to last for decades. He praised Sudbury citizens’ perseverance and joint efforts before reiterating that the program will continue until every barren hill is green.